Vape Club Staff Picks of 2017

Vape Club Staff Picks: Class of 2017

It’s safe to say that this has been a crazy year for the vaping industry!

From the TPD switchover in May, to the variety of new brands and products making huge impacts, and of course, let’s not forget all of the Expos!

We’ve seen delicious desserts, and a surprising amount of beverage flavoured eliquids – who knew ice cold fizzy fruit juices would be a thing!?!


We’ve thought about this long and hard, and finally, we are proud to present to you our Staff Picks: Class of 2017!


Gummy Beast White Gummy by Gummy Beast

Gummy Beast is the creation of our long time friends over in the US at SAVEURvape. They have a long vaping history of creating some of the best flavours on the market, and White Gummy is no exception!

White Gummy is basically all of the white Gummy Bears in the known universe, crammed into a bottle for your vaping pleasure. It also comes in the now popular short fill form, meaning 50ml in a 60ml bottle, leaving room for a nic shot of your choice.

“I just love how fruity it feels in your mouth, you really get the sweetness on the tongue on the inhale and the full bodied flavour on the exhale. It tastes exactly like white gummy bears!” – Manuela


Space Cake eLiquid by DVTCH

It’s hard not to love DVTCH. A range from Amsterdam which embodies Amsterdam as best one can, in vape form anyway. Picking the best flavour from the range is tough, Red Light is probably the most popular but this is our staff picks, and Mr Foss has a thing for space, and cakes….


Space Cake is, unsurprisingly, based on the popular Amsterdam treat. Once again, coming in a handy 50ml Short Fill bottles, with enough room for vapers to add their nic shot!

It’s safe to say that this liquid is truly one of a kind!


“Tastes exactly like the real thing. I feel like I’m in Amsterdam when I’m vaping on this,” – Foss


Slam Berry by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust seem to have been around even longer than vaping itself. Staying power is nothing to be sniffed at and Charlie’s have plenty. For those who’ve never heard of them before though, Charlie’s are a US brand responsible for such flavoursome wonders as Dream Cream and CCD3 – a delightful salted caramel ice cream!

For Kapil though, it’s an old classic that stands out.


Slam Berry is reminiscent of Strawberry Ice Cream. Some say it tastes like a certain fast food restaurant’s Strawberry Milkshake, whilst others find it more like a fresh homemade strawberry ice cream! Either way… it’s pretty banging.. Or was that Head Bangin Boogie?


“This liquid takes me back to my childhood. Strawberry Ice Cream was always my favourite, and when I vape, I go back in time to being a kid again!” – Kapil


Deep Fried Cookies by Vape D-Lites

Vape D-Lites are a Californian based company who have quickly gained popularity in the vaping scene with their high VG, 80ml short fill range. The pick of the bunch for our lovely Dannie is the Deep Fried Cookie offering!


Deep Fried Cookies is a d-liteful dessert based eliquid; fresh vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, rainbow sprinkles, with deep fried cookie biscuits (which may or may not have a name similar to classic rock band REO Speedwagon). Hard to think of a word that rhymes with Oreo…


“Deep Fried Cookies is everything I have been looking for. As a huge fan of that certain cookie, I was super excited when Vape D-Lites came on the scene! The ice cream flavouring is smooth, and tastes exactly like a fresh vanilla bean ice cream, and the deep fried cookies is very prominent on the exhale. A definite favourite of mine, I haven’t stopped vaping this for the best part of 2017, and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon!” – Dannie


Pink Lemonade by Renegade



Renegade Vape Co are a UK based eliquid manufacturer, comprised of only entirely serious people. No jokes here I’m afraid! With three flavours in the range, picking a bestie wasn’t easy, but that’s what we do here at Vape Club, we do the hard stuff so you don’t have to!


Our just as lovely Kathryn plumped for the Pink Lemonade, which is a fruity, citrus mix of lemons, raspberries and cranberries, blended together to create Pink Lemonade perfection! Cor! Let’s hear it for the coils! No-one cares about the coils anymore!


“A zesty flavour like no other. This liquid was kind on my coils, and overall a gorgeous, well rounded all day vape!” – Kathryn



Laffy by Clown



Clown eLiquids are part of the Bad Drip Labs family of eliquids. Just like the other ranges in the family, they are as flavourful as they are well designed. Pennywise is no doubt the most popular flavour in the range but we like to be a little bit different sometimes, well, our Melina does anyway…. And she’s gone for Clown’s Laffy.


Laffy is a delicious blend of Blueberry Taffy mixed with Grape juice! Simple, but effective!


“Having watched Wreck it Ralph a number of times, I was intrigued to find out more about this Taffy stuff and oh my god, where has Laffy been all my life!!!” – Melina



YuCaTan by OhmBoyz Drip City

Ohmboyz Drip City eliquids are forged in the great land that is Canada. Featuring some rather unique blends across the range, it’s unsurprising our very own unique and wonderful Steve has plumped for a flavour from Ohmboyz. You should all listen to Steve, he knows ya know, oh yes.


YuCaTan is a fresh blend of Lemonade, sweet and sour Tropical Fruits, Cucumber and the Italian favourite; Lemoncello!


Coming in a short fill bottle, allowing space for vapers to add their nic shots!


“Fresh tasting flavours like this are going to be the next big thing, and this flavour certainly has the IT factor!” – Steve


Berry Burst by Burst

A recent addition to Vape Club, Burst has been very well received and it seems Aaron isn’t the only fan. We had a number of you lovely folk get in touch asking us if we would be stocking Burst and well, we can see why. A US brand manufactured in Ireland, Burst is literally…. Bursting with flavour… sorry…


Berry Burst is a combination of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, for a fresh, sweet, fruity mix!


“I thought I was never going to vape anything other than Slow Blow by Nasty juice, ever again, ever. Then this turned up. Berry Burst is my new addiction, and I am unashamed to say it.” – Aaron


Eclipse by Space Jam

Space Jam are another US company that have been on the vaping scene from day one. If there were a Hall of Fame for eliquid brands, Space Jam would be right up there! Whilst Astro and Andromeda have been popular for many years, Eclipse in recent times has begun to… eclipse them in terms of popularity (last one, promise!). Available in both high VG and 50/50 whether you want a tobacco vape in mouth to lung or direct to lung form, Eclipse has you covered…


Styled on the pipe smokers favourite – Cavendish Tobacco, this tincture has a rich, robust tobacco flavour, infused with sweet notes of vanilla bean. It’s smooth, but full bodied, and has a well deserved reputation for being one of the most realistic tobacco flavours available!


“For those not as interested in the dessert and fruity type vapes, if you smoked you probably appreciated the flavour of tobacco, this is still the best tobacco on the vaping market in my opinion, and is a must try for anyone looking for a quality tobacco vape!” – Vlad


Harlem Rockhopper by Riot Squad


Nothing says ghetto like a penguin right? Wrong! Penguins don’t speak English.

Ghetto Penguin is a UK made short fill range brought to us by our good and slightly nutty friends over at Riot Squad! Just like their namesakes range, Ghetto Penguin is packed full of flavour attitude. Ben has gone for the Harlem Rockhopper as his eliquid of choice for 2017.


Harlem Rockhopper is an ice cold Lemon and Lime soda, delivered in a 50ml short fill, allowing vapers to add a nic shot if they wish!


“I really like Penguins! Haha, I do like a good Citrus blast from time to time and I find it’s a flavour that’s hard to get perfect, but Harlem Rockhopper has done the best job for me this year. I tip my hat to the guys over at Riot Squad for this one,” – Ben


Cowboy Cooler by Vape Wild

Vape Wild are a US brand made in Texas, and they do things differently in Texas. Instead of focussing on making the best possible flavours, Vape Wild focus on making the best possible flavours, but at a rather fair price. A US juice that’s premium in flavour, but not premuim on your pocket. Dan has gone for what he regards as a better version of Heisenberg, than Heisenberg. And they didn’t even call it Heisenberg!


Cowboy Cooler is a complex blend of mixed berries and menthol. This is a tart and refreshing liquid, that perfectly balances both flavours exceptionally well!


“This is what Heisenberg should have been in my opinion. If you’ve tried other Berry Menthol mixes and found them lacking or including something that just didn’t need to be there, this is the one for you” – Dan

Aspire Gusto Mini Kit

Whilst this is the Vape Club eliquid Staff Picks for 2017, the next entry absolutely deserves an honorable mention. The Aspire Gusto Mini Kit has been the stand out piece of hardware for our Barry. Coupled with Element’s NS20 you have a union of two of vaping’s biggest powerhouses and it’s a beautiful thing. The Gusto Mini itself is a pod based system but allows for the user to either vape direct to lung, or mouth to lung. It’s an incredibly simple device to use, small and very light. The magic is in the pods though, in the form of Element’s NS20 and it’s salt nicotine base. Salt nicotine has been around for a good while but really made it’s presence felt in 2017. We won’t go into detail now as Barry tells you all you need to know, but if you want to know more, check it out on the site!


“I had struggled to fully stop smoking when I started working at Vape Club, but with the help of the Gusto Mini and NS20 pods, I rolled an ‘emergency rollie’ on the Monday, and then found it in my pocket on the Friday evening. Smoking simply never even entered my mind that week, and hasn’t since. The only vaping product I have tried that has completely removed any urge for me to smoke,” – Barry Craig


Staying with Element and their NS20 pods, we round off our staff picks with two of their best flavours.


NS20 Pink Lemonade by Element Pod


NS20 Pink Lemonade eLiquid Pod features a fruity Lemonade flavour, and is originally from Element’s eliquid range. Coming in a pack on three cartridges, designed for use in the Aspire Gusto Mini Kit!

NS20 pods work differently to the average eliquid in that the nicotine is absorbed more efficiently into the body and therefore ‘hits’ you both sooner and more like a traditional cigarette. Not only this but NS20 pods are very smooth on the throat. For those that have vaped before the throat hit on NS20’s 20mg is similar to an average eliquids 3mg.


“I have always been a huge fan of Element, and Pink Lemonade is by far one of their best flavours. Very sweet, and incredibly tasty, just like the original, but in nicotine salt form!” – Dan M


NS20 Neon Green Slushie by FAR


NS20 Neon Green Slushie features a blend of Lime and Ice flavours, and is taken from Element’s original FAR range. Coming in a pack on three cartridges, designed for use in the Aspire Gusto Mini Kit!

NS20 pods work differently to the average eLiquid in that the nicotine is absorbed more efficiently into the body and therefore ‘hits’ you both sooner and more like a traditional cigarette. Not only this but NS20 pods are very smooth on the throat. For those that have vaped before the throat hit on NS20’s 20mg is similar to an average eLiquids 3mg.


“Neon Green Slushie is a long time favourite of mine, featuring zesty, fresh flavours and having the nicotine salt version completely enhances the experience!” – Jack

And there we have it! The Vape Club Class of 2017!

We’re super excited to see what 2018 has to offer, and with that, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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