Vape Coil Care Guide

Vape coils fit into vape tanks and are essential pieces of hardware, used in vape kits ranging from small starter kits all the way to larger sub ohm devices. A coil consists of a wrapped piece of wire and a cotton wick. The cotton soaks up the eliquid, while the wire heats your eliquid into vapour, which is then inhaled. Vape coils are the most often replaced piece of vape hardware, we’ve compiled these tips to help you get the most out of your coils.

Priming Your Coil

Priming your coil will greatly reduce the chance of dry hits and burnt coils, while increasing it’s overall lifespan. The first way is to fit a new coil into a clean and dry vape tank, fill your tank and leave it in an upright position for at least 10 minutes, allowing eliquid to soak into your wick.

The second way is a bit more complicated: insert a new coil into a clean and dry tank as before, then proceed to drip eliquid directly onto the cotton that is visible through the small holes on the outside of your coil, leave for a minute or so and then fill up your tank and leave upright for at least ten minutes.

Breaking Your Coil In

Breaking your coil in will increase performance in the long run. To break a coil in, first prime it as outlined above. Once primed, set and use your device at a lower wattage / temperature than advised for a brief spell.

For example with a 40-80W coil try firing it at 30W, then gradually work your way up to a higher power level, not exceeding recommended limits.

Keep Your Tank Filled

It’s important to keep your eye on the eliquid level on your tank. even with beginner vape tanks, if it’s not filled enough your cotton will begin to dry and eventually burn when used. We advise you keep your tank 2/3 filled at all times for best performance. If the flavour begins to diminish add some fresh eliquid.

Don’t Chain Vape

Continuous vaping or chain vaping, will cause your vape kit to use more eliquid at a faster rate than usual – it will also make your coil very hot. Take regular breaks from vaping to allow your coil to saturate itself and help extend it’s life. If you do plan to chain vape, try doing so at a lower wattage / temperature than usual.

Use Temperature Control

Temperature Control Mode is an output mode found on advanced and sub ohm vape devices. TC Mode allows the user to set a maximum temperature that your coil can reach before the device will stop firing. When used properly this can stop your coil from overheating and drying out. Please note, only certain coil wire types such as Stainless Steel and NiChrome can be used in TC Mode, so always check before using.

Check Coil Resistance

Coil resistance, measured in Ohms (Ω) will largely define the correct wattage / temperature that coils should be fired at – other factors including wire type play a small part. Using coils at too high a wattage or temperature will quickly dry out and burn your coils. Modern vape coils often state the correct power level they should be used at, so always check before use.

Eliquid Content

You may find that certain eliquids can clog your coil and cause them to burn out faster, changing eliquid can have a big impact. An eliquid with a lower VG %, lighter flavour, or without sweeteners, can help to increase your coils’ lifespan.


Through proper care and attention, you can ultimately increase not only the lifespan of your coil, but also it’s performance – giving you a far better vaping experience in the long run. If you have any questions regarding vape coil care or vaping in general, please get in touch. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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