Vape Crazes & Tricks: Dragon Breath

This Dragon Breath vapour exhalation trick has nothing to do with bad breath and everything to do with looking like a fire-breathing dragon in human form. It looks so authentic they should have provided Benedict Cumberbatch with an e-cigarette to help him portray the motion-captured dragon Smaug in the latest Hobbit film.

It’s a simple vaping trick that doesn’t require any props or any external jiggery-pokery, just the gentle manipulation of your lips and the way you exhale the vapour. When performed correctly, you will exhale four separate plumes of vapour in different directions, reminiscent of a dragon blowing the smoke out of its nostrils and mouth (apologies if you were expecting to breathe actual fire).

How to Create Dragon Breath

Begin by inhaling as large an amount of vapour as your lung capacity comfortably allows, then exhale consistently out of both your nose and mouth at the same time. Your two nostrils and your mouth will create three separate plumes, but you then split the mouth-exiting plume in two by pinching your lips together at their centre, allowing just the smallest of gaps in both corners of your mouth. This will also redirect the mouth-exiting plumes from blowing straight forwards to blowing sideways and in two opposite directions.

Some people find this trick extremely easy and can pull it off straight away, while others may need to practice in front of a mirror to get it right. Once you do get it right, the effect is awesome as the vapour leaving your mouth shoots off either side of your face while the two plumes of vapour coming out of your nostrils shoot straight down in between them. This vape trick can be used in a variety of situations, my favourite being to punctuate a particularly dramatic statement I’ve just made.

Jim Carrey Grin

Jim Carrey Practising The Dragon Breath Pose

How the Dragon Breath Vaping Trick Works

Breathing out of your mouth and your nose at the same time is another one of those tricks some people can do easily while others need to practice. If you’re one of those who have difficulty, try quickly alternating between exhaling through your mouth and your nose. Another method can be to concentrate on your breath coming from the back of your neck, siphoning off one way to your throat and mouth and another to your nose.

Getting your lips to meet in the middle while leaving gaps in the corners of your mouth can be awkward too, and it’s best achieved by attempting to do a Jim Carrey-esque silly grin by stretching your mouth wide and gently touching the middle of your top lip down onto your bottom lip.

Advanced Dragon Breath Vape Trick

There’s not much more you can do with this vaping trick once you have mastered it, but you can increase the volume of your exhaled vapour plumes by exhaling as quickly as possible after inhaling. Some e-cigs produce more vapour than others as well, so if you’re struggling to produce enough then you may have to wait until you’ve upgraded to an e-cig with a stronger battery and superior Clearomizer.

There’s plenty of videos on YouTube showing you how to perform the Dragon Breath vaping trick and, despite some advice being to ‘figure it out yourself’, you can get a pretty good idea of how to create your very own Dragon Breath vapour.


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