Vape Crazes & Tricks: Vape In a Glass

Drinking your vapour out of a glass might not sound like an especially efficient method compared to simply just inhaling it, but it’s not about efficiency. It’s about looking cool. It’s also one of the easiest vaping tricks to learn and there are plenty of good examples of people performing this e-cigarette trick on YouTube.

There are a few variations using variously sized vessels from pint glasses to shots, but all you need is a glass that’s as clean and clear as possible and your personal vaporiser of choice. It’s also preferable to have an extra person or two present to bear witness to your awesomeness as this e-cig trick resembles the dry ice effect you see during stage shows and pop concerts or in films where a wizard is knocking up some crazy concoction in his laboratory.

How to Create a Glass of Vapour

To begin, have the glass handy and begin drawing the vapour into your mouth. Don’t inhale it down into your lungs yet; just keep drawing it into your mouth. Once you have as much vapour as you can draw in comfortably, bring the glass to your mouth and gently let the vapour seep out between your lips and into the glass. You can blow it a little to get it going but be careful not to blow too hard as the extra airflow will start dispersing the vapour and it won’t look quite as good. As with so much in life, it’s much better when it’s nice and thick.

Keep letting the vapour seep out into the glass with only the gentlest of breathy encouragements until the glass is filled to the brim with vapour. If it’s a large glass or your e-cigarette doesn’t produce a large enough volume of vapour per inhalation, then you may need multiple mouthfuls of vapour to fill it. There’s plenty of time though as the vapour will remain cloudy in the glass for a good while, giving you plenty of time to fill it up and show it off to your friends.


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How the Glass Vapour Trick Works

The vapour drifts down to the bottom of the glass because it’s heavier than the rest of the air due to the vaporised liquid particles. Fully inhaling the vapour will dissipate it, as does forcefully exhaling it, so this trick only works if you hold the vapour in your mouth before transferring it to the glass. If you tip the glass on its side once you have filled it, then the vapour will pour out and drift downwards for a bit before dissipating naturally in the air.

You can do that once to see it in action, but really, once you are satisfied that your witnesses are aware of how awesome you are, you should bring the glass to your lips as if you were drinking and suck up the vapour and inhale it. A lot of the YouTube examples of this vaping trick feature people pouring out the vapour as doing that looks pretty cool for their video, but I just see a whole load of wasted vapour. Unlike certain saxophone-playing presidents, I always inhale.

Advanced Vape-in-a-Glass Trick

Try combining this glass vapour trick with a shot of your favourite spirit. If you have an e-liquid flavour you think would combine well with a little whiskey then put a shot in the glass before filling it with the flavoured vapour. Now inhale the vapour as you knock the shot back for a whole new drinking and vaping experience.


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