Vape Goddess: An Overview

Vape Goddess is an all-female juice manufacturer hailing from that hub of premium e-liquid creation, California. The Vape Goddess team have created a number of gourmet e-liquids with a positive message to go with their deliciously unique flavours. They are determined to produce the highest e-liquid quality possible as well as presenting their product with an aesthetic that promotes respect while exuding confidence. The team consists of creative professionals such as Meg Strouse (original co-founder of Drake’s Vapes) who have also worked with several world-renowned chefs in the food and catering industry, mastering many flavouring techniques and acquiring a vast culinary knowledge which helps them produce the fabulous flavours on display in the Vape Goddess e-juice range.

Each of the flavours has a positive message to promote with the overall intention of changing the negative or sexual manner in which women are often portrayed – at least as far as the vaping industry is concerned. All right-minded folks will agree it’s a great message to promote, and while the message might mainly deal with changing the negative portrayal of women, the flavours themselves are aimed at everyone all inclusively. And besides, the best thing about the Vape Goddess e-liquids will always be their sumptuous flavours.

Vape Goddess E-Liquid Ingredients

Vape Goddess use the highest quality ingredients to produce their juices, which all contain a base ingredient mix of 50% Vegetable Glycerin and 50% Propylene Glycol. This 50/50 mix helps the juice produce plenty of flavour and vapour while also providing a satisfying throat hit. Each of the flavours is available in a variety of nicotine strengths including 3, 6, 12 and 18mg, as well as there being a zero nicotine version of each one for vapers who are all about the flavour and the vapour.

All the flavours come in 15ml glass bottles which feature their own design with a positive female image. They also come with dropper lids for easy transfer of the liquid from the bottle into your tank of choice.

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Discover Our Full Range of Flavours from Vape Goddess

Vape Goddess E-Liquid Flavours

There’s a nice variety to the Vape Goddess e-liquid line so each and every vaper will be able to find something they love regardless of their personal tastes, though it’s more likely they will find multiple flavours they just can’t get enough of. There are dessert vapes with some classic flavourings and some fruity surprises, not to mention one or two completely unique e-liquid flavours the exact likes of which can’t be found anywhere else.

Ambrosia eliquid by Vape Goddess

Vape Goddess’ Ambrosia e-liquid is a delicate blend of raspberry with citrus notes. There is a creamy undertone which brings all the flavourings into perfect balance to produce a very tasty and very satisfying vaping experience. The positive message promoted by this Ambrosia e-juice is that you are beautiful for who you are both inside and out.

Guilty Pleasure eliquid by Vape Goddess


This Guilty Pleasure e-liquid features the tantalising taste of cookies and milk. The cookie flavours are expertly layered to replicate the taste and aroma of freshly baked cookies straight out of the oven, while the cool and refreshing milk tones wash it all down perfectly. There’s no need to give into temptation to experience the taste of cookies, just vape them instead.

Lotus eliquid by Vape Goddess


The message behind this Lotus e-liquid by Vape Goddess is all about staying grounded and keeping yourself cool, calm and collected. The flavouring used here is honeysuckle green tea which is a unique e-liquid combo that might just be the most relaxing vape ever created by anyone. It’s not hard to remain tranquil when you’re vaping this beauty as the flavours encourage the serenity of mind that we all need a little more of from time to time.

Spritz eLiquid by Vape Goddess


This Spritz e-juice should find a welcome place in most vapers’ collections as it’s one of the most refreshing and palate-cleansing flavours in the world thanks to its supreme blend of crisp cucumber and fresh mint. It’s an ideal vape to enjoy on a hot summer’s day as it will leave you feeling light and free, while it can also serve as a fresh change from your usual vape.

Ultra Violet eliquid by Vape Goddess


Vanilla cupcake flavour is the main theme of this Ultraviolet e-liquid by Vape Goddess. However, there is also something just a little bit mysterious floating in and around the layers of warm vanilla and freshly baked cupcakes. It’s certainly not your typical baked goods, but you just might find the all day vape you’re looking for when you taste this fantastic Ultraviolet e-juice. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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