Vaper Expo UK 2017: Vape and eLiquid Awards


Now in its third year running, the Vaper Expo at Birmingham’s NEC has gone from strength to strength, increasing in size and capacity every time. With two scheduled events per year, Vaper Expo has become one of the top trade shows in the UK and Europe, with vapers, brands, manufacturers coming from far and wide to be part of the vaping experience.

This weekend saw a huge amount of vapers descending on the NEC, trying out new liquids and devices in post-TRPR vape world. As is tradition, the Vaper Expo held their awards for the best in the business, which are as follows:



Best High PG – Vampire Vape – Heisenberg

Vampire Vape have long been a popular brand in the UK, with a wide range of different flavours that often feature a sweet shop theme. Their Heisenberg flavour is an homage to Breaking Bad’s “Blue Ice”, with its flavour a mixed berry blend with menthol.

It’s bright blue colouring makes it an easily identifiable flavour in a tank, and it’s a popular first flavour for new vapers. Heisenberg won the Best High PG award, for eLiquid traditionally used in pen and lower powered devices which are frequently used by beginner vapers.



Best Tobacco – Dr Fog’s Tobacco Series – Mocha

Premium Labs Inc was started in Vancouver, BC in 2014 by Sammy Fog. Looking for a way to stop smoking cigarettes, Sammy tried vaping but never found a flavour that worked, then deciding to produce his own eLiquids.

Since then Premium Labs’ range of eLiquids that include Decoded and Dr Fogs have gone on to be popular worldwide, with their Mocha flavour picking up the award for best Tobacco, which features a blend of Coffee, Chocolate, and Tobacco.



Best Stand – Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady’s eLiquid range hit the market last year, and quickly went on to win awards becoming a well-known brand across the globe, as well as in the UK where they’re based.

Their Lemon Tart flavour has stood out as their flagship flavour, with many copycats trying to follow suit. Dinner Lady eLiquids have become well known for always putting on a good show at vape expos, putting a lot of money and effort into their stand, which usually features theatrics of some kind. Check out the Dinner Ladies for some fun times with vaping.


Best Mod – Asmodus – Minikin V2

Known for their high-end mods constructed of stabilised wood, Asmodus have ensured the quality and effort that goes into their products has meant they’ve remained a sought after brand for vape hardware.

Their Minikin V2 device features a 180W capacity with options for both Variable Wattage and Temperature Control. It’s main feature however is its capacitive touch screen, allowing for easy transition between modes.


Best Menthol – Vlad’s VG – Pinkman On Ice

Taking home another award from the Vaper Expo, Vampire Vape’s Pinkman On Ice, from their Vlad’s VG range. Vlad’s VG is a high VG range, including a 70%VG mix; much smoother than their standard 50%VG range.

Pinkman on Ice is a reimagining of one of their most popular flavours, with this twist featuring Citrus Fruits, along with a menthol hit.



Best Drinks Cocktail – Riot Squad – Iron Bruise

Taking inspiration from an incredibly popular Scottish soft drink, Riot Squad continue to push the boundaries with flavour blend creations, reimagining a well-known taste from the British Isles.

Riot Squad deem the Scottish to be the very first ‘rioters’, and this is their homage to the woad-coloured warriors from Scotland. Riot Squad’s Iron Bruise flavour is a blend of Citrus and Fruit notes.



Best Cereal – Decoded – Tiger Flakes With Milk

Canadian eLiquid creators Premium Labs took home the Best Cereal award for their Tiger Flakes eJuice. The Decoded range has long been a ‘sleeper hit’ among vapers, surprising many with their balanced flavour blends and mixes.

Premium Labs have a range of brands under their belts, with Decoded being just one of a number that also includes Dr Fogs and many others.


Best Fruit – Attitude Vape – The Earl

A relatively new brand to the British eLiquid market, Attitude Vape are the love-child collective of a group of UK vaping enthusiasts and mixologists, wanting to create a range of eJuices that pays homage to Britain and its rapidly growing vape market.

While they love the US eLiquid scene, they’re passionate about bringing the UK on par to rival the best in the vape game. Attitude Vapes’ eLiquid called The Earl took home the award for Best Fruit, with its blend of Grapefruits, Cucumber, and Tonic flavour notes.



Best Dessert – Demon Vaper – Lemon Lush

Cutting through all the competition to take home the Best Dessert award, The Demon Vaper is a relatively small UK manufacturer based out of Essex.

Concentrating on just two flavours that are in the current range, Lemon Lush has gone on to take the UK market by storm in the last few months, with its very balanced flavour citrus and cake blend. It features a vanilla sponge cake with a lemon cream filling, along with lemon glazed icing, and the Demon Vaper manages to balanced these flavour notes exceptionally well.


Best Branding / Marketing – Nasty Juice

Founded in Malaysia in 2016, Nasty Juice has gone on to become a household name in its home, as well as making waves across the world.

Their eye-catching designs and branding have ensured they are noticeable and easily distinguishable from the crowd. Their branding is rather unique and definitely brightly coloured, and a somewhat refreshing addition to the vape market.



Best Tea / Coffee – 13 Sins – Nia nine

13 Sins is one of the eLiquid ranges from Cuts Ice, also known for their T-Juice and Halcyon Haze eJuice lines.

Taking home the Best Tea / Coffee award, 13 Sins’ Nia 9 flavour contains a balanced blend of Chai spices and Vanilla cream, along with additional fruit flavour notes of Red Berries, Blackcurrants, and Citrus.



Best Sweets and Choc – Diamond Vapour – Deadline 8/8

Hailing from the other Hollywood in Florida, Diamond Vapor have an array of different mini sub-ranges and blends under their belt, with a variety of flavour notes in their blends.

It was their Deadline 8/8 flavour that won the Best Sweets and Chocolate award at this years Vaper Expo. Deadline 8/8 contains a flavour blend of Sherbet hard candy.



Best Mech Mod – Vaping American Made Products – Rigmod V3

Vaping American Made Products haven’t let an odd name get in the way of their desire to create the best Mech Mods on the planet.

With both versions of the original Rig mod gaining notoriety internationally, with a number of awards under their belt, their latest V3 Rig mod has carried on this tradition at this years Vaper Expo, taking home the award for Best Mech Mod. The Rig V3 is constructed of high grade aluminium, and is designed to be used by advanced users.



Vape Shop of the Year – Vape & Volts

Based out of London in Chalk Farm, Vape & Volts have risen to become a great brick and mortar shop sitting in the Camden area.

Featuring a wide range of eLiquids and hardware, such as Cosmic Fog, Riot Squad, and Element’s FAR range, they’ve got a fine selection of wares to browse through.



Vaper of the Year – Lady Vaper

There are indeed many Vapers out there in the UK, as well as worldwide, universally even, but only one can be crowned Vaper Expo’s Vaper of the Year. The Pinnacle of Vape, if you will.

This Expo award goes out to the best vaper, the one that represents the zeitgeist of vaping, a voice for us all. This year the Vaper of the Year went to Lady Vaper, who is sponsored by Riot Squad, Ruthless, Dinner Lady, and iJoy. That’s a lot of vaper.




Best Overall Juice – You Got eJuice – Strawberry Custard

Using only 99.97% USP grade Kosher PG and Premium Nicotine, California’s You Got eJuice maintain a very high standard, carefully selecting their ingredients for use within their eLiquid refill range.

They pride themselves on using no food colourings or unnecessary additives, and their flavour blends include a wide array of classic profiles using a comprehensive range of flavour notes. Their Strawberry Custard took home the Best Overall Juice this year, with its flavour blend featuring a blend of two different Vanillas and Strawberries.


Best Trade Show – Vaper Expo UK

And finally, the award for Best Trade Show at the Vaper Expo Awards 2017 goes to Vaper Expo UK 2017! What a surprise that was. We look forward to seeing what this next Vaper Expo will bring, in terms of its exhibitors, size, vapers, and gimmicks!

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