Virgin Vapor Organic E-Liquid: An Overview

Virgin Vapor Organic E-Liquids are considered one of the highest quality manufacturers of e-liquids around today, and not just in the USA. They have been voted by Vapor Digest Magazine into the top thirty Elite E-Liquid Manufacturers in the world (in the June 2014 issue), while their premium juices have also won thirteen Spinfuel Magazine Choice Awards since 2012. But it’s not just the fantastic flavours they produce which stands them apart, but the 100% organic ingredients they use in the creation of their special juices.

Founder and CEO Annette Rogers along with the Virgin Vapor Organic E-Liquid team operate out of California, but thanks to retailers like Vape Club UK, their organic e-liquids are now available to vapers all over the world.

What’s in Virgin Vapor Organic E-Liquid?

Virgin Vapor use 100% Vegetable Glycerin as their base ingredient. Some juice manufacturers make “100% VG” liquids but with flavouring ingredients that contain PG, but Virgin Vapor ensures all their juices are 100% PG-free. Their flavourings are all USDA certified organic flavours, blended along with nicotine and distilled water. All Virgin Vapor e-liquid ingredients are guaranteed pesticide-free, GMO-free, and diacetyl alcohol-free.

The Virgin Vapor Absolute line differs in that no alcohol at all is used to extract the flavours and ingredients. It is ultra pure and highly concentrated, using methods such as CO2 extraction, steam distillation and cold pressing. Virgin Vapor also only use USP (pharmaceutical grade) nicotine, which is extracted from non-synthetic tobacco leaves which are100% grown in the US and 99% pure per AEMSA standards.

Virgin Vapor is a Member of AEMSA

The American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association (AEMSA) is the “first and only Manufacturers’ trade association completely dedicated to creating responsible and sustainable standards for the safe manufacturing of e-liquids used in electronic cigarettes.” AEMSA is a volunteer organisation created by American e-liquid manufacturers to self-regulate the industry and promote safety and responsibility.

Virgin Vapor founder Annette Rogers’ announcement of their AEMSA membership on the official website declared, “Virgin Vapor is a proud member of AEMSA and we strongly believe that consumers deserve products that meet every professional and responsible standard. At Virgin Vapor, we continue to be an industry leader providing our customers with e-liquids manufactured to verified standards, focused on consumer protection and good product stewardship, and using only the highest quality ingredients.”

Steeping Virgin Vapor Juices

You don’t absolutely need to steep Virgin Vapor’s organic e-liquids to enjoy them, but they can benefit from a couple of days of steeping due to their 100% VG ingredient. PG as a base ingredient often helps the flavour reach its peak earlier, but even with no PG, the Virgin Vapor juices taste good straight out of the box. But if they get even better with a day or two steeping, we’re not going to complain!

Check Our Our Wide Range of Virgin Vapor Juices

Check Our Our Wide Range of Virgin Vapor Juices

Virgin Vapor Organic E-Liquid Flavours

All the flavours in the Virgin Vapor range are available at Vape Club UK in 15ml glass bottles in a variety of nicotine strength including 0mg, 6, 12 and 18mg. There are some flavours that have a 24mg version. There are currently 29 juice flavours in the Virgin Vapor range so we won’t describe them all here as you can go exploring and discover them for yourself, but here’s a quick insight into just a few of our favourite Virgin Vapor organic e-liquid flavours:

Banana Coconut Colada Organic E-Liquid
With a sweet and slightly creamy taste, this flavour blends a perfect balance of banana and coconut to remind you of holidays in the sun and give you a little lift with every inhale and exhale. Even on grey, rainy days, this juice will give you a holiday vibe and help you fend off those winter blues.

Best Damn Tobacco Organic E-Liquid
Best Damn Tobacco acquired its boastful (but truthful) name from the original taste testers of this e-liquid during its development phase. The rich, full-bodied tobacco flavour is extracted without using hexane, and the tobacco plants that the flavouring is extracted from are from organic, pesticide-free and 100% grown in the US.

Black Cherry Marshmallow Organic E-Liquid
This juice is consistently one of the best sellers in the Virgin Vapor line. Authentic black cherry – not the fake, chemical-tasting cherry flavour often found in inferior e-liquids – mixed with the sweet tones of powdery marshmallow. Even people who don’t usually like cherry flavours keep coming back for more of this delicious juice.

Blueberry Bliss Organic E-Liquid
Bliss is an organic blueberry flavour with delicately floral tones, and true tones at that. This flavour features the real taste of sweet blueberries in their luscious prime. Free of artificial sweeteners and artificial colourings, as well as 100% organic pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerine.

Caramel Kona Milkshake Organic E-Liquid
This award-winning flavour features the sweet, sweet taste of caramel perfectly complementing the coffee flavour which is already silky smooth due to the creamy milk tones. This Caramel Kona Milkshake juice won 3rd place for ‘Flavor of the Year’ in 2011 and then 2nd place for ‘Best Coffee E-Liquid’ in 2013, both awards voted for by members of Electronic Cigarette Forum.

Dark Roast Turkish Coffee Organic E-Liquid
Super concentrated, dark roast coffee at its finest for those of you who love a bit of rocket fuel in your vape! This rich coffee flavoured e-liquid is part of the Absolute line of e-liquids, meaning alcohol has not been used to extract the 100% organic flavour. The Absolute juices are perfect for anyone sensitive to ethyl alcohol (which is used to extract other flavourings) or anybody who doesn’t want to consume alcohol in any form.

Vanilla Blackberry Swirl Organic E-Liquid
The beautiful blackberry flavour of this e-liquid is softened and enhanced by additional layers of French Vanilla. It’s absolutely delicious, and exists thanks to a Virgin Vapor customer who requested the team try and replicate her favourite flavour using their organic ingredients. Virgin Vapor took on the challenge and ended up creating one of their most popular flavours to date. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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