Whip’d eLiquid: Vape Overview


Whip’d eLiquids are from the same creative minds behind the TNGL and Simply Southern ranges, and all feature a smooth Whipped Cream basis, along with a variety of other notes, including Cereals, Vanilla creams, and Strawberries. While they’re great on their own as a full-on smooth dessert vape, the Whip’d range can also very easily be added to other eLiquids to create a creamy blend of the two, allowing a degree of versatility that we wouldn’t be able to find in a lot of other complex flavoured eLiquids.

Packaged in a unique 60ml whipped cream bottle with a 70%VG blend, Whip’d are available in lower nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg.

Strawberry Whip’d eLiquidwhipd-strawberry-eliquid-uk

Strawberry Whip’d eLiquid is a classic dessert-flavoured vape, featuring the taste of sweet and succulent Strawberries covered with an avalanche of the signature whipped cream Whip’d are known for.

It manages to avoid being a ‘candied’ Strawberry taste, a trap which other similar flavoured eLiquids can fall into.

Instead its a sweet and ripe Strawberry, picked fresh from the vine, and then smothered in lashings of smooth cream.

The whipped cream element remains a subtle touch, playfully accompanying the sweet Strawberry taste which is the prominent note.

While the others in the Whip’d range have their own unique tastes, this Strawberry remains a fruity pinnacle of their range.


Vanilla Whip’d eLiquidwhipd-vanilla-eliquid-uk

Vanilla eJuice is a full-on Vanilla Cream frenzy, featuring silky and smooth Vanilla Bean with lashings of airy Whipped Cream on top to finish.

With a bold Vanilla taste, the whipped cream just adds layers of extra velvety creaminess, allowing for doubly smooth vape.

It’s great for adding to other eLiquids for a creamy blend, but also goes great on its own.

Vanilla Whip’d adds an interesting mix when blended with the other Whip’d eLiquids in the range

With Strawberry it allows for for a doubly-creamy fruity dessert vape, and with the Breakfast it adds an extra sweet and creamy element to the start of the day vape.

Excellent on its own, but also great at bringing a sweet creamy note to any eLiquid, Vanilla is a subtle and smooth choice for dessert fans.



Breakfast Whip’d eLiquidwhipd-breakfast-eliquid-uk

Breakfast eLiquid is a Fruit and Cereal blend, but instead of swimming around in a pool of milk, it’s been lathered in a swirling of whipped cream instead.

It’s notes of Cereal mean it can be considered a rather straightforward flavour profile, but this is distinguished by its compliment of smooth whipped cream on the side.

The notes of mixed fruits are rather understated, and add only a subtle note to the blend, allowing the cream to take the spotlight in this eLiquid.

Interestingly the Whip’d range also go great with each other, and if you’re interested in mixing them up, it’s recommended to experiment with different flavour consistencies to find out what works best for you.

Breakfast goes great with both Strawberry; for a fruity cereal mix, as well as the Vanilla; for an extra creamy and sweet breakfast vape.

The Breakfast of Vape Champions.

If you’d like to speak to us directly about Whip’d eLiquids, or any of the other products on our site, please do get in contact with our dedicated team.

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