Wismec Reuleaux RX200S: An Overview


wismec-reuleaux-rx200s-mod-ukFeaturing the instantly recognizable Jaybo design, Wismec’s Reuleaux RX200S features the same dimensions and excellent production quality as its predecessor; the RX200, but features some additional output modes, along with a larger screen, as well as now being dressed in the suit of its older brother, the DNA 200.

Retaining the triple 18650 battery slot, the RX200S is still just as monstrous with its a 200W output as the rest of the Wismec family, but the device now includes TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) mode which allows for a much more accurate reading of heat and resistance.

Offering a maximum of 200 watts of output (250W with a firmwire upgrade) in standard wattage mode, the RX200S can be used in Temperature Control mode with a wide range of wire types including Nickel, NiChrome, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. The large OLED screen has been increased in size from other Wismec models, measuring in at 0.96 of an inch.

Although it’s clearly a big and hefty mod, Wismec and JayBo have designed it in such a way that makes it very comfortable and ergonomic to hold in the hand, and very easy to use.


Using the RX200S in standard wattage mode allows for a resistance range of between 0.1 – 3.5ohms (Ω), allowing for both heavy subohm and easygoing mouth-to-lung vaping of your favourite eLiquid. Coils as low as 0.05Ω can be fired in Temperature Control (TC) mode with relative ease, and this mode features a maximum output temperature of 315°C; 15 degrees more than its predecessor.

You may have noticed Wismec’s DNA200 mod on the market, which does appear very similar to the RX series, but has almost double the price tag. The reason for this is mainly due to the DNA200’s formidable chipset, which took the vape world by storm, and raised the bar in terms of boxmod performance.

The RX200S is no less spectacular than the DNA200, and is the same in almost every way. It does lack the ‘Escribe’ software that comes with the DNA200, and also features a simplified menu, but this makes using the device even easier, meaning the RX200S is just as reliable as its older brother.

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