WizMix E-Liquid: An Overview

WizMix E-Liquid is a very British e-juice manufacturer who creates all of their juices in their UK laboratory, utilising the high pharmaceutical standards of the UK to produce high quality juices with a wide selection of flavourings.

All of the ingredients and raw materials used in WizMix eLiquids are sourced from within the UK and adhere to strict cGMP standards, while their entire range is regularly GC-MS tested to ensure the liquid is as clean as possible with WizMix also happily making the results of their tests available on request (via their own website). As British government regulations are some of the most demanding in the world, you know that the quality of British-made e-liquid will be of a high quality, and WizMix E-Liquid are a prime example of this fact.

As well as maintaining the high standards expected of them, you may have noticed a fair few interesting flavours populating the WizMix E-Liquid range as well. The plethora of unique and exciting flavours in the WizMix range is a result of the WizMix crew’s passion for e-liquid creation as they aspire to produce memorable juices that put smiles on their customers’ faces. With customer satisfaction a high priority, not only do the WizMix e-liquids offer a high standard of quality but they are all purposefully minimally priced to ensure their affordability to a wider variety of vapers.

WizMix E-Liquid Ingredients

All of the Wizmix e-juices consist of a base ingredient mix of 70% Propylene Glycol (PG) and 30% Vegetable Glycerin (VG), with the PG helping provide an incredibly satisfying throat hit while the VG helps produce plenty of flavour and vapour. All of the WizMix e-liquid flavours come in an extensive variety of nicotine strengths, including 6, 12, 18 and 24mg. There are also zero nicotine versions of each flavour for vapers who prefer their vapes to contain only flavour. The flavours are bottled in child-proof 10ml plastic bottles that feature a needle tip for easy transfer of the juice from the bottle to the clearomizer tank.

WizMix - Blueberry Hill

WizMix - Gobstopper

WizMix - Caramel Kiss

WizMix E-Liquid Flavours

Populating the list of flavours that include tasty treats like bubblegum, caramel, jelly beans and sherbet, you’ll notice a nice variety of classic flavours such as tobacco and mint, with WizMix expertly fine-tuning each flavour to create entirely unique interpretations. They certainly don’t shy away from creating unique flavours, though there are also quite a few familiar fruity numbers which will keep many a vaper happy, with a few stand-alone fruit flavours alongside a couple of fantastic fruit combinations.

Blackjacks E-Liquid by Wizmix

WizMix’s Black Jacks e-liquid recreates the aniseed essence of the famous sweet. There is a layer of sweetness that compliments the aniseed flavouring, giving it depth and allowing different notes to dominate on both the inhale and exhale.

Blueberry Hill E-Liquid by Wizmix

This Blueberry Hill e-liquid has the natural lightness that blueberry flavours usually have, but the flavouring is strong, tasty and satisfyingly succulent. A lot of other e-liquids mix blueberry with other flavours, but you get 100% of the little blue fruit with this WizMix juice.

Brain Freeze E-Liquid by Wizmix

Brain Freeze e-liquid is the sister juice of Wizmix’s Mental Asylum flavour, with this Brain Freeze e-juice also including some ice mint flavouring to give it an extra cold blast. It’s one of the most refreshing vapes around and perfect for the coming summer months.

Caramel Kiss E-liquid by Wizmix

This Caramel Kiss e-liquid by Wizmix is a luxurious e-liquid which is rich without being too sweet. Interestingly, it will satisfy both vapers with a sweet tooth and those who are not overly keen on too much sugary sweet as WizMix have found a perfect balance.

Cherry Bomb E-Liquid by Wizmix

WizMix’s Cherry Bomb e-liquid is bursting with sweet and tasty cherry flavours. There are multiple notes and tone layered one on top of the other and blended perfectly together to create a intensely fruity vape with a little of bit of punch to it.

Fruit Salad E-Liquid by Wizmix

Fruit Salad e-liquid by Wizmix sees raspberry and pineapple flavours blended together to create an incredible vape bursting with flavour. The light raspberry flavour combines with the tangier bite of the pineapple to create a fantastically fruity vape sensation.

Gobstopper E-Liquid by Wizmix

This Gobstopper e-liquid features the flavourings of one of the oldest and most famous sweets in the world. Like the real gobstoppers, this flavour has layer after layer of flavour for you to discover as you vape.

Jelly Bean Dream E-Liquid by Wizmix

Jelly Bean Dream e-liquid by Wizmix has layered notes of jelly bean flavouring with just the right amount of sweetness. Every inhalation is pure, unbridled joy and a nostalgic trip down memory lane with a classic old favourite.

Lemon Sherbet E-Liquid by Wizmix

This Lemon Sherbet e-liquid is full of zest and zing as the famous fizz kicks in on the after taste. The sweetness of the flavour is perfectly complimented by the tongue tingling lemon hit that the sherbet flavouring provides.

Lovely Bubbly E-Liquid by Wizmix

Lovely Bubbly e-liquid by Wizmix is another ride down memory lane, this time with the delicious flavour of bubblegum. The flavour is light and sweet and will bring a smile to the face of even the grumpiest vaper.

Menthol Asylum E-Liquid by Wizmix

Menthol Asylum e-liquid is a minty fresh menthol flavoured e-juice that WizMix have blended with other mint notes to add depth to the flavour. It has that refreshing kick you’d expect from a menthol vape, but with additional minty undertones which help create an incredibly taste.

Nuclear Plusion E-Liquid by Wizmix

Nuclear Plusion e-liquid by Wizmix is a detonation of seriously strong flavours including tropical fruit flavours, a hint of aniseed and citrus. This Nuclear Plusion e-juice is a magical vape with one or two tricks up its sleeve.

Polar Bear E-Liquid by Wizmix

Polar Bear e-liquid by Wizmix is another blend of mint flavours with a great appeal to all lovers of mint. It’s refreshingly crisp and yet retains a flowery lightness inspired by the depth of flavour that the blend of other mints produce.

Popular Vape E-Liquid by Wizmix

This Popular Vape e-liquid is tobacco juice that can be vaped all day without the flavour getting overly strong or sickly. It is designed to remain enjoyably tasty throughout the day so lovers of tobacco flavour need look no further for their new all day vape.

Spear Minty E-Liquid by Wizmix

Spear Minty e-liquid by Wizmix has the refreshing tastiness of spear mint leaf which produces an incredibly relaxing and deliciously minty vaping experience. This flavour is a more subtle vaping experience than the other mint flavoured vapes in the Wizmix range.

Strawberry Seduction E-Liquid by Wizmix

Wizmix’s Strawberry Seduction e-liquid is so named because the strawberry flavour is so good it will tantalise your taste-buds and tempt you into forgetting that any other e-liquid flavours exist. It’s deliciously light and a perfect summer vape.

The Sherlock E-Liquid by Wizmix

The Sherlock e-liquid by Wizmix is a traditional tobacco flavour that is strong and reminiscent of rolling or pipe tobacco. It’s a good alternative to the other tobacco flavours in Wizmix’s range as it offers a darker, more earthy tobacco vaping experience.

Wizard’s Leaf E-Liquid by Wizmix

Wizard’s Leaf e-liquid by hailed as WizMix’s flagship flavour. The Wizard’s Leaf flavouring is intended to be as close to the original flavour of tobacco as possible. It’s a great vape for tobacco fans which will become many a vaper’s favourite all day vape

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