Aspire Atlantis Evo Vape Tank: Overview


The Atlantis Evo is the new and updated version of Aspire’s Atlantis tank series, having been given a design overhaul, along with a more stylish look. The Evo has a small 2ml capacity of juice to be TPD compliant, although an optional 4ml extension is available. The tank includes a 0.4ohm (Ω) pre-installed Clapton coil, an extra 0.5Ω Clapton coil, replacement Pyrex glass (4ml) with an adapter, and a rubber cuff.aspire-atlantis-evo-tank-uk-l

The Evo is the improved version of its predecessor, the excellent Atlantis V2 tank, however Aspire have also looked to their recent Cleito tank for influence. The 2ml Evo is smaller than the Cleito, but with the optional 4ml Pyrex glass extention, it’s similar in size. The Evo also has a top fill, giving the option to drip or pour your liquid in.

The Evo also now has four spacious airflow holes, allowing for some smooth vaping, although one potential downside is that all airflows will have to be equally open or closed, which may limit fine tuning the airflow.

Aspire have improved the coils by increasing the cotton exposure holes, allowing high VG juice to travel easier to the coil system and having lower wick points.

In addition, Aspire has made the Evo coils with using the Clapton wind so that vapers get the best flavour out of their Evo. Thankfully Aspire have also allowed for backwards compatibility of previous coils for the Aspire Triton and Atlantis tanks, giving a wide variety of available choices to use with the Evo.

The Evo has a unique ‘top hat’ look with its wide drip tip, constructed of heat-resistant Delrin. There’s also an option for the user to replace it with an alternative 510 drip tip for tank personalisation. However, the drip tip on the Evo doesn’t contain a secondary airflow that the Atlantis V2 introduced previously.

Unfortunately for Temperature Control users, the Evo does not come with TC coil as standard, although coils from the Atlantis V2 and Triton tanks can be used.

The Evo offers a range of customisable options, with its two different tank sizes, as well as a range of available coils. Users of the Atlantis V2 and Triton tanks may look to this as a solid upgrade, as it still allows for backwards compatibility with coils from both previous tanks. Cloud chasers will enjoy the Evo’s wide airflow system, although this cannot be personalised as much as some my like, as the airflow has to be equally opened or closed on all sides. Nevertheless, Aspire have put out a solid successor to their Atlantis range, taking inspiration and influence from the excellent Cleito, but remaining a firm successor to the Atlantis and Atlantis V2 tanks.


If you have any questions about the Atlantis Evo or Cleito tanks, or any of the other products on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Vape Refill Pods And Closed Systems – The Future Of Vaping?


In the wake of the new regulations on the vaping industry, industrious designers are coming up with new and inventive ways to deliver an excellent vape experience, while still maintaining a regulation-friendly level of control and safety.

Instead of the mix and match of different eliquids and vape hardware that we’re used to, this new way of doing things is actually closer to the cigalikes of old. These new devices are based on the idea of having a device and using specific refills for it, streamlining the entire vaping experience to make it both more convenient for seasoned vapers and easier to start for new ones.

While it’s very easy as a vaper to fear this new wave of devices as heralds of the end of the vaping as we know it, it’s important to note that current, open, customisable devices are not going away – these new refill based vapes are simply another approach to the same problem with a common goal: Helping smokers switch to vaping, away from harmful tobacco.

So what can we expect to see from this vape pod revolution? Let’s take a quick look at some of the devices coming out this year:

Cync by Vape Forward

The designers of the excellent VaporFlask, Vape Forward have also decided to get into the vape pod game with their Cync device.

While their Cync e-cigarette (or Advanced Closed Platform) looks very similar in form factor and size to existing devices like the Juul, their main selling point is in the availability of a large range of pods from some of the vape industries more well-known and established eliquid brands, such as Cosmic Fog, Space Jam, Beard Vape Co, Five Pawns, and Cuttwood Sauce. The Cync will be available in a multiple battery sizes, and features two different capacity pods; 1.5ml and 2.5ml

The starter kit will feature a 380mAh battery, along with a 1.5ml pod, and a USB charging cable. With current strengths ranging from 6mg through to 18 and 24mg, and onto 36mg, there will likely be a restriction on the higher strengths in order to comply with the 20mg maximum, in compliance with the Tobacco Product Directive in the European Union.


XOLO’s self-titled all-in-one device is aimed squarely at those who wish to simplify their vaping habits. It’s designed to retain the high performance that we get from the more powerful devices, but in a compact “cigalike” size and form.

The XOLO All in One device incorporates a built in 2000mAh battery along Temperature Control functions, and is perhaps the closest of the new pod based systems to the existing mods that we’ve been used to on the current market in recent years. The user experience is intended to be as simple as possible, with XOLO aiming for the broadest reach that they can in terms of consumer base.

Their idea is that a simple device such as the XOLO could be a more effective tool for converting existing tobacco smokers to vaping, than with a more complicated device. The refills available for the XOLO will have a built in 0.25 ohm coil, as well as 10ml of eLiquid.von-erl-my-vape-refill-system-uk


My. by Von Erl

Known primarily for the Erlkonigen line of high end rebuildable tanks, Austrian engineers Von Erl have brought out the My.

The My is an all-in-one pod based vape, with an additional full stop.

It features a 350mAh battery that can be simply charged via USB, and will contain the effortless and easy to change Liquidpods that many of the other devices also feature.

Their classic Liquidpod has a max nicotine strength of 18mg, and is a classic Tobacco flavour.

It is designed to be a small, easy to use device that is as stealthy, compact, as well as being quite cute in appearance!




MyVapors MyJet by Wismec

Wismec have teamed up with MyVapors to produce the Myjet, which straddles the line between pod based vaping and more customisable styles of vaping. Featuring an eLiquid capacity of 1.2ml, along with a 350mAh battery with a 20watt output, the Myjet is convenient as it is functional.

While it retains the pod system that is common to the rest of the devices here, Wismec decided to sell unfilled pods, allowing the user to use their favourite liquid.

Although there will be pre-filled pods available from some of the vape industries biggest brands including Cuttwood, ANMLMad Hatter, One Hit Wonder, and NKTR, among many others.

The Myjet is set to be available in two different variations; the Express Kit, and the Full Kit, the latter featuring an 18650 battery that functions as a dedicated pocket-sized charger to recharge the device when its not in use.

These new all in one devices will be available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, each tuned to offer a specific sort of experience. Some, such as the Cync made by Vape Forward will focus solely on delivering an experience that is as close to a cigarette as possible, while others such as the XOLO aim to simplify the entire vaping experience while providing a vape that will satisfy those who are already experienced and committed vapers.

Despite the different outputs and form factors, these devices all take the same approach; give people a set and forget type of device that requires no fussing with bottles of liquid or coils for a tank, and provide simple, easy to use cartridges or pods that a person simply needs to insert and vape.

As the year progresses, we expect to see many more of these new wave of devices being released. If you’d like speak to us about Closed System Vapes, or anything else on our site, please do get in contact with our team.

Guide to Temperature Control Vaping


What Is Temperature Control Vaping?

Nobody likes a dry hit. It’s unpleasant, tastes foul, and having to change a coil at an inopportune moment can leave us in a bit of a tizz. Temperature Control aims to combat this by monitoring and limiting the temperature of the coil, and not allowing it to exceed a certain temperature, ensuring dry hits and burnt wicks are a thing of the past. Here’s our brief guide on Temperature Control vaping.

How Does Temperature Control Work?

Temperature Control mode (TC) is becoming more of a standard feature, but isn’t available on every device. If you’re looking to purchase a device to use TC mode, it’s worth checking that the device has this function before buying.

Temperature Control works by allowing the user to pre-set a value in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, with the device limiting and cutting off the power if the temperature exceeds this value.

TC mode allows the coil to remain at a fixed and consistent rate, whether you’re chain vaping volcanic-sized clouds, or doing the more easy going mouth-to-lung method.

If putting in a brand new coil, it must be installed at room temperature, otherwise it will not work, and the mod’s calculations will be incorrect. Also if you’re building your own Temperature Control coils, we do not recommend pulsing them. If you do accidentally pulse them, allow the coils to return to room temperature before using to vape on.

To set up TC for the first time you will need to first ensure sure that your device is TC compatible. Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage (VW/VV) devices will simply not work with Temperature Control coils, and you’ll need to ensure that both your device and coil are TC capable with Variable Temperature (VT).

After this you’ll need to consider the wire type you’re using in your TC coil, usually Nickel (Ni) or Titanium (Ti), and set your mod to the correct type of TC mode, which will be wither Ni or Ti, depending on the coil.

Once installed, you’re then free to adjust the wattage to your preference, but it’s recommended to use the manufacturer’s recommended wattage for the coil. The idea is that the device will power to your desired wattage, but not over the limits of the TC setting.


Properties Of Nickel & Titanium Wires

The two most common wire types for Temperature Control are Nickel (Ni) and Titanium (Ti). There are other wire types available, but Ni and Ti are the most prevalent on the current market.

Nickel is used in many pre-made coils such as Ni200’s, and are most often rated at 0.15Ω. It has a very high temperature co-efficient, meaning that its resistance doesn’t fluctuate very much when heated, and remains quite stable at high temperatures.

Titanium is relatively new for the vaping market, but is becoming used more and more for TC as it’s much stronger in its construction than Nickel, and has almost double the resistance. This means that less wraps can be used in a wind to achieve the same resistance as with Nickel.

Benefits & Drawbacks Of TC Vaping

A major benefit of vaping in Temperature Control modes is dry hits are no longer an issue, due to the more accurate regulation of the TC coils. This also means the atomisers themselves tend to last a bit longer as well.

If the wick becomes dry, the temperature will increase, and the TC mode will immediately protect the coil by cutting off the power. Rewicking Nickel can be a little tricky, as it’s more fragile that Kanthal, and heavy-handedness can cause it to lose its structural integrity, so it’s recommended to be extra careful if rebuilding coils made of Nickel.

Temperature Control can take a little bit of time to get used to, but is relatively easy to pick up and understand after spending a little time on it. We recommend learning which temperature and wattage is the best for maximum output.


If you’d like to talk to us about Temperature Control modes, or anything else featured on our website, please do get in contact with our team.

Smok TFV8 Tank: A Vape Overview


smok-tfv8-tank-ukWith a clear reputation for innovation, Smok are always looking for ways to bring us the next best thing, having brought out a flurry of excellent devices, such as the Stick One Basic and Plus Kit, as well as the H-Priv 220W. Back in 2015 they released the TFV4 Tank to great reviews, with the TFV4 Mini and Micro quickly following behind. Smok have clearly decided to take things to the next level with their “Cloud Beast”, the turbo-charged TFV8 tank.

The TFV8 is designed predominantly for the cloud chasers and flavour chasers, having even larger coils than its predecessor. The Cloud Beast is able to hold a maximum of 6ml of eLiquid, and comes as standard with a V8-T8 0.15ohm (Ω) Octuple atomiser (eight coils), as well as the V8-Q4 Quadtuple coil (four coils).

There’s also a Rebuildable (RBA) section included, and this comes with a prebuilt 0.28Ω V8 Turbo RBA Head, as well as familiar accessories such as vape bands, replacement glass tube, and other spares.

Like others in the TFV4 family, the TFV8 has a top filling system, but this has been revamped with an increase in the size of both the refill slot, making it more convenient to refill, as well as with the central airflow chamber.

Additional improvements Smok have made over the original TFV4 include a newly designed airflow that has two enlarged airflow slots, as well as the increased size of the central chimney. This allows for a much cooler and airier vape, with a more efficient flow of air.


The drip tip is now constructed of heat-resistant Delrin, although it does not feature the additional adjustable airflow that the TFV4 had. Also the RBA section features a velocity-style deck, allowing for a more convenient installation of coils, with some prebuilt 0.28Ω Clapton coils already installed.

With an increase in just about all areas, the TFV8 allows for extreme high wattages with their innovative Turbo coils, with an easy 180W reachable with the coils that come with the box.

On the downside, due to the construction of the extreme low-resistance coils, the TFV8 is a bonafide gas-guzzler and will race through juice like it’s Le Mans in 24 minutes.

The very low resistance of these coils also means the TFV8 will require a considerable amount of power to use optimally, which will be a big drain on battery power.

Bear in mind that this tank is the vaping equivalent of the Saturn 5 rocket, and needs a huge amount of power to get going. Therefore Smok’s TFV8 Cloud Beast would be most suitable for vapers looking to push their vaping experience to the flavour and cloud limit, and for those not particularly concerned about conserving eLiquid.

We don’t recommend this tank for those looking for an easy going mouth-to-lung vaping experience, as the TFV8 is really designed for the complete opposite.



If you have any questions about Smok’s TFV8 tank that we haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Eleaf iPower 80W: A Vape Overview


eleaf-ipower-mod-woodThe successor to the iStick 50w; Eleaf’s iPower boasts a huge 5000-mAh built-in battery, along with a maximum output of 80W, and range of modes that include Temperature Control (TC), Variable Wattage (VW), Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), Bypass, and the brand new Smart Mode.

Eleaf took the iStick 50w and redesigned it from the ground up, giving it a sleek and classy finish, and in a range of different colours.

The iPower’s wattage output ranges from 1w up to 80w, with the resistance range of between 0.1 – 3.5ohm in VW, and 0.05 – 1.5ohm in TC mode. The temperature range in TC mode (Stainless Steel, Ni200, Titanium and TCR (M1, M2 & M3) ranges between 100 – 315C, or 200 – 615F, depending on your measurement preference.

Improvements Eleaf have made include the obvious massive increase in battery capacity; the 5000mAh built in battery giving easily enough power for days, while still remaining light, and not affecting the weight of the device. It remains exceptionally lightweight.

Eleaf have also additional reset button, along with the standard click buttons for plus and minus variables. The reset button can be used by holding the ‘up’ button and the reset button together, and this is just a precaution incase the device does not power on after an upgrade.


Eleaf has also included TCR mode (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) which allows for a much more accurate reading of the heat and resistance,  and also Bypass mode giving the option to use it as a ‘mechanical mod’. We advise caution to be taken with Bypass mode, as this will have an immense drain the battery.

Smart mode is a huge improvement to the Eleaf software, allowing you to save a specific wattage with a specific tank with its resistance set, so that whenever you add that particular tank with that same resistance, the mod will load up the pre-set saved earlier.

When switching your tank for another, it will still save when reusing the previous tank.

One of the only drawbacks to the iPower is the location of its charging port, situated at the bottom for the device. While this adds a slight inconvenience for charging it, the mod itself is comfortable and perfectly sized, and the finish is sleek and looks classy making any tank look great on it.

Eleaf’s iPower 80w would be suitable for the intermediate vapers that are looking for a mod to suit all tanks, as the addition of Smart mode allows for easy swapping of flavours, having wattages saved already for particular tanks and coils. This mod will also be suitable for those looking for a mod that doesn’t need to be charged daily and those looking for a TC mode.


To speak to us about Eleaf’s iPower, or any of the other products on our site, please get in contact with us via phone or email.

Dinner Lady eLiquid: A Vape Overview


Winner of the Best Stand at the 2016 Vaper Expo in Birmingham, the Dinner Ladies have certainly made a swift impact on the eliquid market with their smooth flavour blends.

With an ethos centred around developing the best flavours using only the purest ingredients, it’s no wonder that both beginners and seasoned vapers are flocking to get their vaping lunch from the Dinner Lady.

Available in a 70%VG blend, and in the lower nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg, the Dinner Lady range is likely designed with direct-to-lung sub ohmers in mind, but not as its not too viscous with 30%PG, it can easily be vaped in a non-sub ohm tank.


Cornflake Tart

Cornflake Tart is an old school flavour drenched in nostalgia; a Cornflake and Syrup tart run through with layers of Strawberry Jam.

It’s the perfect pudding combination – minus the crunch.

Cornflakes seem to be quite a rarity among flavours in eLiquids, and can be a difficult taste to replicate for vaping purposes.

However, Dinner Lady have hit the nail on the head, creating a most excellent reproduction of it, blended with some other tasty notes.

Syrup and Jam being quite unusual choices, but work well with the cornflake basis.

With a mouth-to-lung style vape at lower wattages, there seems a predominance of the cornflake and strawberry jam notes, with more of a syrupy blend at higher wattages.



Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart is inspired by everyone’s favourite lemon pudding; tangy Lemon curd lavished over gooey Meringue, and finally enveloped in delicious thin crust Pastry.

Low wattages using the mouth-to-lung style of vape brings out the main Lemon flavour quite prominently, with touches of the Meringue and Pastry; mainly Lemon with accompanying notes of the other flavours.

Cranking up the watts really brings the three notes together much more evenly, and there’s a definitive burst of buttery pastry that cuts through nicely.

The Meringue tends to remain the most muted flavour, it is there, but seems to sit just behind the Lemon and Pastry in the background.





Maple Waffle

Maple Waffle is a fresh doughy waffle smothered in indulgent maple syrup. A sweet liquid that will satisfy anyone’s cravings for a sweet breakfast or dessert.

While there’s seemingly more and more Waffle and Maple Syrup based eLiquids on the market, there’s not many that have such Waffle success.

Dinner Lady have nailed it down, creating an excellent blend between the doughy waffle, and the uniquely flavoured maple syrup.

Lower wattages predominantly feature the sweet waffle taste, with only touches of the maple syrup.

Higher wattages really bring out the unique flavour of the maple syrup, rounding the whole flavour off excellently.





Strawberry Custard

Strawberry Custard features a different twist on a classic strawberry custard, consisting of natural strawberries, along with the creamy custard we all know and love.

Additionally it features a luxurious butter caramel to set itself apart from the others, making it a ludicrously lovely vape.

At the lower end of the wattage range, its not surprising Strawberries leads the flavours, with touches of caramel and custard on the side.

Increasing the wattage brings the custard out in a big way, harking back to a popular familiar American flavour of the past few years, but with some British culinary finesse; school-kitchen style.

A classic flavour profile, done properly.


For more information on the Dinner Lady range, or if you’d like to talk to us about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Ways To Save Money With Vaping: Tips and Tricks



If you’re a vaper, you may have found that vaping was saving you pockets of money at first, but perhaps costs may have crept up since as you’ve continued your vaping journey; can you even save money vaping? If you’re a smoker, have you ever asked yourself  “How much money does vaping save me?” You might be thinking that there’s little to no price difference between a 15ml bottle and twenty deck of Bensons, but the bottom line is; vaping IS cheaper the smoking.

Regardless if you’re sub ohming, or non-sub ohming; if you can afford to smoke, you can afford to vape. But if you’re still struggling to keep on top of those vape finances, here’s a few Vape Club tips on how to keep your costs down while staying smoke free.



Use High Resistance Coils

Using a high resistance coil in your clearomiser tank requires a low amount of power, as the wire resists and pushes back against the electrical current running through it.

This means less electrical current is required to heat the coil, and therefore vaporise a smaller quantity of the eLiquid.

This will conserve your battery power, and not only allowing you to vape on the battery for a longer period of time before recharging, but will also increase the life of the battery in general, meaning it won’t have to be replaced sooner.






Turn Your Wattage Down

When vaping was still in its infancy, most of us were just puffing away on cigalikes or Spinner batteries, with little to no adjustable settings.

It wasn’t until we started getting into sub ohm vaping that we had a whack the wattage right up, and although we do arguably experience better flavours at higher wattages, it’s also a massive drain on our coils, eliquids, and battery power, and usually attributes to the increased cost of vaping that some of us vapers experience.

Turning your wattage down goes hand in hand with using a higher resistance coil, but this does also still apply to those still wanting to sub ohm vape. If you’re using a standard 0.5Ω coil rated at 30w, you can afford to go down to 20w and still achieve a similar experience. While this may not seem like a great deal of difference, if you’re using just two-thirds of the power on each puff, then you’re saving yourself a third of the battery’s power.



Use A Higher Nicotine Strength

You may think that once you’ve lowered your nicotine, that’s it; there’s no going back. But there is a way to save a bit of money by altering your nicotine strength.

If you increased the resistance of your coil, and lowered your wattage with the previous steps, you’ll now be able to use eLiquids higher than 6mg much more comfortably than with a low resistance coil and lots of power

An eLiquid with a higher concentration of nicotine will administer a more potent dose than a lower strength. For example, if you puffed six times on a 6mg, you would potentially only need to puff three times on 12mg to achieve the same effect, but without using as much eliquid up in the process.





Take Advantage Of Sales

Discounted products and eliquid sales are always a great way to stock up on cheap premium juice and hardware, and sometimes for as low as half of the original price!

While these flavours might not be familiar or even in the same ball park of what you might usually choose to vape on, it’s always good to try something new. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

We can often make some interesting discoveries when we’re pushed out of our comfort zones, and its possible that you may even find your next ADV in there!






Buy Large Capacity Bottles

Most eliquids are manufactured and bottled in either 10, 15, or 30ml size capacity bottles, but there are certain flavours that are available in much larger sizes, and some eLiquids can come in sizes of 60ml, 100ml, or even 180ml bottles!

It’s always worth buying in bulk if possible, not only because it means you won’t have to stock up on eLiquid for a while, but you’ll also save yourself some funds on your quantities, as well as the delivery costs. A saving of not only money, but also time. Which is also money.

Some companies can offer a bulk buy discount on multiple units, so if it’s one flavour you really like, then it might be worth enquiring about multiples.





Go To Expos!

Attending vape expositions is a great way to network, meet the faces behind the vape, and of course, to make some new vaping friends!

There’s also many manufacturers with samples available to try, and some of these manufacturers sometimes provide small sample bottles for vapers to take home with them.

Although expos shouldn’t be attended only for this reason, getting hold of free samples is a great way to stock up on eJuice and save some shillings at the same time.

They might not be flavours you would usually try, but its possible that your next ADV could be sitting in there somewhere.

It’s always good to try new things, so get out there and get sampling!

If you’d like some more help on saving money with vaping, or advice on any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

An Interview with eCig Inventor Hon Lik: Opinions on Vaping Regulations


Although the very first iteration of the e-cigarette can be traced back to the 1960’s where American inventor, Herbert A Gilbert, patented a design for a device that “replaces burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavoured air”. Although some prototypes were produced, his e-cigarette didn’t receive much attention at the time, mainly due to the widespread prevalence and popularity of cigarettes, and marketing strategies employed by the tobacco companies of that period.

It wasn’t until 2003 when Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik patented the modern design that we’ve become familiar with today. In the last ten years things have changed rapidly within the vaping world, and while device and methods of using an ecigarette have been altered, the fundamentals have generally remained the same.

Very recently in May 2016, strict regulations have been implemented across both Europe and North America, which seriously threaten to turn the vaping industry upside down, and inside out. There’s also a myriad of confusing content around, with media outlets straddling both sides of the fence, a select few in particular taking one stance on the issue on the issue, and then U-turning and completely changing their opinion entirely, and then flipping back again! The situation has also turned everyday vapers into political activists.

There’s also the slow integration of the Big Tobacco companies into the vaping industry, continuing to garner more and more of an influence, despite ironically still promoting the use of tobacco, as well as Phillip Morris attempting to take an entire country to court over regulations.

Motherboard recently conducted the following interview with Hon Lik, and spoke to him about what he feels is the future of the vaping and ecigarette industry.

  •  To begin, could you relate the story of how you invented the modern e-cigarette?

Hon Lik: It’s a long story, but let me try to give you a simple version. I started smoking when I was 18 years old. At that time, I was working in a rural area and I used cigarettes because I was working very hard and very far away from my parents and my family. It was quite lonely, so the cigarettes became my good friend.

Eventually, I went back to the city to university and studied to be a pharmacist. My workload was ever increasing, so my consumption of cigarettes went along with it. I truly understood smoking’s harm to my health, so after awhile I thought “because I’m a pharmacist, maybe I could use my knowledge to develop something that could help me stop smoking.”

I found nicotine patches, and used those for a while, but they were not really helping. This was the turning point. I decided to use my knowledge to develop an alternative product.

  • And that’s when you created the e-cigarette?

Hon Lik: I officially started developing this alternative device durinh 2002. I understood as a pharmacist that nicotine delivery from a patch is very different from smoking: the patch delivers nicotine in a steady stream through skin into the blood, but it will stay stable for a long period of time. When you are burning tobacco and inhaling nicotine it can quickly go in the lung and the blood and achieve a punch that is very satisfactory. I started looking for the best way to mimic the smoking sensation.  Just because I understood this in theory didn’t mean I could easily find a solution.

At that moment there wasn’t any information or materials to easily find. I had a long period of failure. Every day when I woke up I had a new idea on how to improve the device or the material. Every week I was coming up with an improved model. In 2003, I registered the patent in China, the US, and also in the EU.

  • Did you know that there was a market for this?

Hon Lik: After launching on the Chinese market, the success was huge. I received a lot of enthusiastic reaction from consumers as well as a lot of positive comments. This helped to achieve further success in Europe. I realized my dream came true with not only helping me give up smoking but also to bring a benefit to billions of people, expanding their lives. It confirmed that this was not only an individual dream, but will benefit public health.

  • Did you ever expect it to be as big as it has become, though?

Hon Lik: To be honest, yes. I expected the success to be huge and because of this belief it was actually my motivation to go through a very lengthy and harsh development.

  • I know you quit smoking using your e-cigarettes. Do you still vape?

Hon Lik: Most of this time I’m using my e-cigarettes, but as a developer, because there are also new ideas, I can not lose the sense of taste [for cigarettes]. Sometimes when I find a new [tobacco] product, some kind of a new taste or mix, I will buy one pack and smoke a few cigarettes so I do not lose the sensitivity.

  • What do you make of the wide variety of e-liquid flavors on the market? Like dessert and candy flavours?

Hon Lik: For the specific flavours you mentioned about candy and food, I have of course tasted these. However, I am a smoker so I don’t like it because I am used to the tobacco taste. But I also understand that the majority of e-cig consumers are ex-cigarette users, so the majority are not keen on this kind of flavour. Maybe a certain very small group of individuals would use this kind of flavour as a fashion product.

  • Actually, the flavoured products seem to be really popular, even among former smokers. They tell me it helps them to stay off cigarettes.

Hon LikThank you for the information. I understand. I think probably that Americans consume more sugar products than the Chinese population. That might be a possible answer for this phenomenon.

  • That could be true! Speaking of the US, what are your thoughts on the new regulations we’re dealing with here?

Hon Lik: You probably mean the deeming regulations. This is a positive. This will increase the confidence in this category of products, as well as the manufacturing standards will be improved. However I also feel that this might put more restrictions on the innovation side which will have a negative impact. Having said so, I also strongly believe … regulatory environments might improve as well because regulations are more or less behind the movement of consumer market.

  • There’s a lot of concern that these regulations might kill off many companies in the meantime.

Hon Lik: At this moment, if you’re talking about blu [one of the brands at the company where Lik now works], it’s very well positioned in this new regulatory environment. There are many brands available on the market at the moment, but fancy packaging is not really the solution. What’s more important is the content, standard, and safety of product.

In terms of choices, as a pharmacist, ex-smoker, and developer, I am very keen to recommend closed systems [like cig-a-likes]. It’s not only because of my intellectual property, but more importantly it’s a product people consume through their mouths and inhale into their lungs, so the safety is very important.

  • What are your thoughts on the DIY industry that’s blossomed?

Hon Lik: Because the consumer does not fully understand the scientific perspective or standard for assembly, obviously there is a risk there. I know this is a small group on the market doing so. I do not recommend that.

  • Thanks for your time. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Hon LikI have one thing to add and that is the following: in the beginning the e-cigarette received a lot of attention because it was a new concept and the potential it brings to society—the potential as an alternative and less harmful product compared to burning tobacco.

I’m very happy to see that and it’s very normal to receive doubts or discuss new technology, standards, and safety.

Having said that, the media from everywhere in the world seems sometimes more focused on sensational news rather than going in-depth to understand this new product and its potential. The discussion I would like to have is how to improve the technology available, how to improve the standards, how to further reduce the risk, and improve the product. I want to improve the awareness so that billions of consumers could benefit from this new product.

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How To Fill A Unicorn Bottle With eLiquid Spill Free


How to use a unicorn bottle? It might seem like a simple task to complete, but the handy unicorn bottle can be a little tricky to fill efficiently without having our precious eLiquid doing a Steve McQueen and trying to escape. Here’s our simple guide to ensure a quick and effective decanting of your favourite eLiquid into a manageable and transportable vessel.

  • Step 1 – Take the small unicorn bottle in your hands, and remove the nose or tip at the end. It may be a little tight, but can be removed with relative ease.
  • Step 2 – Grab the larger unicorn bottle that you’d like to decant from, twisting open the nozzle, and holding it upside down, being careful not to squeeze it. Insert the nozzle into the opening where the smaller unicorn bottle’s nose was positioned.
  • Step 3 – Gently squeeze the smaller unicorn bottle, rather than the larger one. Air will be forced out of the small bottle and into the larger bottle, which creates a vacuum. eLiquid will then decant into the unicorn bottle due to air pressure. Gently squeeze the unicorn bottle repeatedly until the bottle is almost full.
  • Step 4 – Lastly, twist the nozzle on the larger bottle closed while keeping it in the neck of the smaller unicorn bottle. Although not completely necessary, this step will ward off any desire that your eLiquid may have to escape, and should prevent and loss or waste. Then replace the nose of small unicorn, and you’re away!


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Wismec Reuleaux RX200S: An Overview


wismec-reuleaux-rx200s-mod-ukFeaturing the instantly recognizable Jaybo design, Wismec’s Reuleaux RX200S features the same dimensions and excellent production quality as its predecessor; the RX200, but features some additional output modes, along with a larger screen, as well as now being dressed in the suit of its older brother, the DNA 200.

Retaining the triple 18650 battery slot, the RX200S is still just as monstrous with its a 200W output as the rest of the Wismec family, but the device now includes TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) mode which allows for a much more accurate reading of heat and resistance.

Offering a maximum of 200 watts of output (250W with a firmwire upgrade) in standard wattage mode, the RX200S can be used in Temperature Control mode with a wide range of wire types including Nickel, NiChrome, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. The large OLED screen has been increased in size from other Wismec models, measuring in at 0.96 of an inch.

Although it’s clearly a big and hefty mod, Wismec and JayBo have designed it in such a way that makes it very comfortable and ergonomic to hold in the hand, and very easy to use.


Using the RX200S in standard wattage mode allows for a resistance range of between 0.1 – 3.5ohms (Ω), allowing for both heavy subohm and easygoing mouth-to-lung vaping of your favourite eLiquid. Coils as low as 0.05Ω can be fired in Temperature Control (TC) mode with relative ease, and this mode features a maximum output temperature of 315°C; 15 degrees more than its predecessor.

You may have noticed Wismec’s DNA200 mod on the market, which does appear very similar to the RX series, but has almost double the price tag. The reason for this is mainly due to the DNA200’s formidable chipset, which took the vape world by storm, and raised the bar in terms of boxmod performance.

The RX200S is no less spectacular than the DNA200, and is the same in almost every way. It does lack the ‘Escribe’ software that comes with the DNA200, and also features a simplified menu, but this makes using the device even easier, meaning the RX200S is just as reliable as its older brother.

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