TaffyMan eLiquid: Vape Overview


Taffy Man eLiquids mix the classic seaside candy taste of Saltwater Taffy, with a variety of different fruity tastes, creating a range of sweet and unique vapes to tantalise those buds of tasting. Featuring blends of Banana and Kiwi, Strawberry & Watermelon, along with Grape, Blue Raspberry, Sour Apple, there’s some definite palate cleansers among the Taffy Man range.

Taffy sweets were an early 20th century invention, known for being created in New Jersey, and was a predominant staple of many sea-seaside resort towns, such as the Atlantic City Boardwalk. In the UK sweet aficionados will know some popular taffy sweets such as classic Opal Fruits.

The Taffyman range comes in a 70%VG mix, and in strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg, which is ideal for subohm vapers and low nicotine users. These eLiquids will also work in certain mouth-t0-lung tanks, but users of the basic CE4 or CE5 tanks should take care with eJuice high in VG.

Instead of using glass bottles like most eJuice manufacturers, Taffy Man eLiquids instead use squeezy ‘stick’ tubes akin to a a tube of toothpaste. This all ows for easier storage and decanting, and should mean there’s no more unfortunate smashed glass to contend with.



Although a little awkwardly spelt, Taffyman’s Tr4 Blu (or True Blue) features the eLiquid equivalent of a fruity slab of saltwater Taffy, along with a fruity blend of Blue Raspberry notes.

For the uninitiated, Blue Raspberry flavourings come from the Rubus leucodermis plant, also known as the White Bark Raspberry.

Although the colour of Blue Raspberry is often, well, Blue, the plant itself is recognised for its thick and waxy white coating, which is what gives it its name – leucodermis.

Tr4 Blu’s distinctive taste is due to this marrying of the unique saltwater flavour, along with the popular slushie ice flavouring of bright Blue Raspberry.

Lower wattages still bring about a delicious blend of Fruit and Taffy, but increasing the wattage and temperature does bring a fuller experience to the flavour mix, and great clouds to boot!




Taffyman’s Gr8 Ape (Grape) eLiquid features the classic candy sweet taste of saltwater Taffy, along with a blend of juicy Grapes to finish. Definitely sweet aficionados who enjoy a subtle, almost floral element to their vapes.

Very subtle in its flavour blend, Gr8 Ape allows the Grape blend to come through in quite an understated fashion. It’s most definitely not a standard sweet that we’d pick up from a sweet shop.

Similar to watermelon, grape does seem to work quite well when used as an eLiquid flavouring, and similar to Grape Drank by Ruthless, and Grape Vape by FAR, Gr8 Ape succeeds in replicating the subtly floral essence of the humble grape, along with the unique taffy element TaffyMan have produced.

It’s arguably the simplest flavour in the TaffyMan range, and while there may have been some great potential blends with Grape that could have been made, it’s Gr8 Ape’s simplicity that ensures its a solid flavour within the Taffy Man range.



A marriage of delicious tropical fruits, Taffy Man’s K3NANA (KENANA) is a tasty sweet vape which is characterised by a blend of Kiwi fruit and Banana, along with their signature saltwater Taffy candy flavour.

Blending the tastes of the uniquely sweet fuzzy Kiwi fruit (or Chinese Gooseberry as its also known) along with the smooth mild taste of the humble Banana.

With these notes, Taffy Man have created a delicious blend of the two fruits, and coupled with TaffyMan’s signature taffy flavour, the eLiquid blend has excellent ADV potential.

Ramping up the wattage and using K3NANA at high watts allows for the Kiwi fruit to really come through, whereas lower wattages provide a more muted blend of flavours.

Overall an excellent blend of mild tropical flavours, and along with TaffyMan’s unique taffy taste, makes for a very delicious flavour indeed.




H20 Berry

With a classic fruity flavour profile, along with Taffy Man’s signature sweet candy notes of Saltwater Taffy, H20 Berry features a coupling of the aforementioned Taffy with a classic blend of sweet Strawberries and fresh, juicy Watermelons.

Both Strawberries and Watermelon flavours are well known for working exceptionally well in a vape tank, as their unique flavours and aromas translate very well to eLiquid.

Often they’re coupled together for an excellent fruity flavour blend, and this mingling married with Taffy Man’s very unique Saltwater Taffy basis allows for a deliciously fruit candy blend that’s more than ideal for an All Day Vape.

Taffy Man’s H20 Berry doesn’t suffer at lower wattages, still providing a thoroughly full-flavoured vape, so still can be used with those that prefer a more easy-going mouth-to-lung vape. Higher wattages and temperatures bring about a fuller blend, with the taffy becoming more prominent as the power is increased.


B1g Apl

B1g Apl from Taffy Man is a perfectly balanced sweet and sour eLiquid, featuring the tart taste of Green Apple Taffy candy.

Definitely an eLiquid for those who like a tart sourness to their vapes, B1g Apl (Big Apple) straddles the line between sweet and sour with its prominent notes of Green Apple.

Blended with the Taffy Man’s signature taffy candy, the tart Apple is rounded off exceptionally with the unique taffy flavour notes to produce a distinctive sweet candied eLiquid.

B1g Apl could be seen as similar in its flavour consistency to Ruthless’ Swamp Thang, as well as Apple and Eve by Philip Rocke’s Gemini range, all with a great tart apple note that really bites on the tastebuds.

But by adding their own TaffyMan flair to the flavour mix, Taffy Man have produced a delightfully sharp-tasting fruit blend that’s great for cleansing the palate.



If you’d like to speak to us about TaffyMan eLiquid, or any of the other items on our site, please do get in contact with our dedicated team.

Are Misguided Beliefs About Vaping Killing Smokers?


There are currently about 2.8 million vapers in the UK. That’s a huge increase from 2012 when there were only about 700,000 people using e-cigarettes. On the other hand, there are still nearly 10 million smokers, which is more than three times as many as vapers. Whilst smoking prevalence continues to decrease – perhaps attributed to e-cigarettes – a large number of smokers are still reluctant to switch or even try vaping, allegedly because they are concerned about e-cigarettes’ health implications, safety, cost, weight gain and other factors.

So a question arises, is there any rationale for smokers’ reluctance to try e-cigarettes? Or are tens of thousands of smokers still dying in the UK for no reason other than being misguided and misinformed? Our investigation of the issue suggests it’s the latter.


The (Un) Healthy Rationale Not Holding Water

Our own investigation as well as that conducted by the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) found that concerns about health implications are the most commonly cited reason for refusing to try e-cigarettes among smokers. These concerns are not completely unjustified as e-cigarettes are relatively new and more research is necessary to determine their effect on health; especially in the long term.

However, despite their short lifespan, e-cigarettes have already been proven as a less harmful alternative to their tobacco-containing counterpart. According to the Public Health England (PHE), vaping is 95% safer than smoking which has been shown to be the leading cause of a number of cancers; most notably of the lung, mouth and throat as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease and many other equally deadly diseases.

Even if e-cigarettes are not entirely risk-free, the (un) healthy rationale clearly doesn’t hold water. What is more, over one half of the 509 vapers who responded to our survey reported positive health changes since switching to vaping, including better sleep, a change of eating habits, whiter teeth and reduced shortness of breath. Smokers citing health considerations as the main reason for refusing to try e-cigarettes thus clearly don’t have all the information – or rather, they have been misled by popular belief by the media that e-cigarettes are just as bad as cigarettes.


Other Irrational Health and Safety Concerns

In addition to being concerned about health implications of e-cigarettes, a large portion of smokers also express concerns about other health and safety related issues. These include poisoning from ingesting eJuice and the risk of fire and battery explosions. Largely fuelled by sensational media reports, these concerns are not exactly without basis. Yes, e-liquid is toxic if ingested, and just like other electronic devices that contain lithium batteries (such as mobile phones), e-cigarettes pose a risk of fire and even explosion. But a large number of reports of incidents involving e-cigarettes are either heavily exaggerated or don’t show the whole picture.

During 2013/14, the National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) recorded around 56,000 telephone enquiries. Only 204 were related to electronic cigarettes and their liquid content, with the majority being classified as no or mild toxicity. We don’t have impartial data for the number of battery explosions involving e-cigarettes but according to the PHE report, the risk is no greater than the risk posed by other domestic electrical products when used responsibly and in line with the manufacturer’s safety guidelines. The very same report also reveals that between April 2013 and March 2014, cigarettes, cigars and other smokers’ materials were responsible for 2,360 fires in the UK. In contrast, e-cigarettes caused only 105 fires in a two-year period.

Just like concerns about the effects of e-cigarette use on health, concerns about poisoning, fire and battery explosions don’t really qualify as a sound argument. When comparing the actual risk of injury or death to the risks of other common everyday products – and in particular regular cigarettes, the fear of e-cigarettes is very hard to comprehend. In 2013/14, fires caused by the so-called smokers’ materials killed 80 and injured more than 670 people in the UK. Yet that doesn’t seem to discourage smokers from continuing smoking.


Photo credit: Andrey_Popov/Shutterstock


How Does It Feel? Most Vapers Say It’s As Satisfying As Smoking

Smokers and ex-smokers who have already switched to vaping will obviously know the best answer to the question; ‘what does vaping feel like?’ We therefore conducted a survey, asking vapers to tell us whether vaping feels like smoking. More than one half of respondents said vaping does feel just like smoking, adding it also provides the same throat hit. Similar responses were also recorded when it comes to vaping satisfying nicotine cravings and the experience after “trigger events” such as food and drink, with the small majority of respondents saying vaping is as satisfying as smoking.

There could be many reasons why some disagreed. Respondents who don’t think vaping feels like smoking perhaps cut down on nicotine levels too quickly. Obviously, e-cigarettes will feel less satisfying than a regular cigarette if it contains little or no nicotine. Also, it is important to note that nicotine absorption by the body IS not as efficient with vaping as it is with smoking. This means that when you initially make the switch from smoking to vaping there is a period of time where your body adjusts to the different rate of nicotine uptake.

A lot of people find they are using their device far more than they would have smoked at first – this is normal, and it will settle down over a short period of time. If you aren’t getting the satisfaction to your nicotine craving the simplest option is to try and up your e-liquid strength, or to look at a more advanced device which produces a greater amount of vapour – more vapour means more nicotine per puff (if all other factors are the same!). So, the overall experience of vaping including the taste, throat hit, vapour production, etc. depends greatly on the chosen vaping device and e-liquid, most notably flavour and nicotine strength. When finding the right e-cigarette and e-liquid, vaping can be equally or according to some survey respondents, even more satisfying than smoking.


The persisting misconception among smokers that e-cigarettes don’t deliver nicotine as efficiently as regular cigarettes, and that the vaping experience is inferior to that of smoking may also be related to the quality and performance of the first generation e-cigarettes, which were in many cases indeed unsatisfactory. However, the technology has progressed tremendously since the introduction of e-cigarettes back in 2003. Meanwhile, the leading manufacturers didn’t only find a way to overcome the issue of nicotine delivery but also to develop a range of devices (and e-liquids) to suit a range of tastes and preferences. Either way, rejecting vaping for being less satisfying than smoking without even trying an e-cigarette cannot be regarded as a sound reason.

High Cost a Very Poor Excuse

£8.50 is the average cost for someone who smokes a pack of cigarettes every day; a costly habit for deadly consequences such as lung cancer and other potentially fatal or disabling diseases. That’s nearly £60 a week and more than £3,100 a year. Vaping, on the other hand, can cost anything from £4-30 a week – depending on the complexity of the device you choose and the amount of eJuice you get through.

Using a basic kit with a high PG eJuice could mean you are spending as little as £10 on the initial set up and around £4-6 a week in juice and replacement tanks. On a yearly basis, that equates to less than one-months supply of tobacco cigarettes. With this in mind, it’s really difficult to understand smokers who refuse e-cigarettes based on the cost factor. Just like ASH, we also found that the misperception of e-cigarettes being too expensive is one of the top 10 most commonly assumed reasons for not trying e-cigarettes among smokers.

Even though the figures speak for themselves, we decided to ask our survey participants how much they are spending on e-liquids compared to cigarettes. Unsurprisingly, the overwhelming majority said they are spending significantly less. Smokers who are citing high cost as the main reason for their refusal to try an e-cigarette are thus extremely poorly informed or are only looking for excuses to continue smoking.


Other Commonly Cited Reasons Having Similarly Weak Foundation

Other commonly cited reasons for not switching to vaping or trying an e-cigarette include concerns about weight gain, complicated use, too many products to choose from, difficult to get hold of, embarrassed to use e-cigarettes in public, expressing doubt to cut down / quitting smoking with the aid of e-cigarettes, and equating switching to vaping with replacing one addiction with another. Then there are also smokers who honestly admit that they don’t want to quit and those who live in self-denial, convinced they are not addicted to smoking and don’t need help to quit.

Even though smokers have cited a plethora of reasons for refusing to try e-cigarettes, all have similarly weak foundations. Sure, many people gain weight when they quit smoking. According to the NHS, it’s not unusual to gain 11 pounds within the first year when quitting smoking. Those who switch to vaping, however, are less likely to gain weight which was also confirmed by our survey respondents. Slightly more than one half didn’t notice any change in their weight, with 1 in 5 respondents reporting to have even lost weight since switching to vaping.


Compared to regular cigarettes, using e-cigarettes may appear complicated. But that’s only at the first glance. Most people learn to use them within a day or two without any major difficulties. Similarly, the wide choice of vaping products can be overwhelming but most vapers agree it’s a good thing because it means a range of preferences have been addressed, making vaping more likely to be a satisfying experience for those who decide to switch. The claim that vaping supplies are difficult to get hold of, simply isn’t true. E-cigarettes may not be as easily available as regular cigarettes, however, they are sold by a wide range of stores, online and brick-and-mortar retailers ranging from the likes of Tesco and to pharmacy chains like Boots.

Considering the growing social disapproval of smoking (and smokers), and the growing acceptance of e-cigs as a harm reduction nicotine delivery system, it seems self defeating to avoid vaping because of perceived embarrassment – and if you’re thinking you can’t get over using a battery powered alternative to a cigarette because it looks less ‘cool’ than smoking, we would argue that a little embarrassment at first is worth the exchange for it being 95% safer. That’s a pretty good trade off!

Rejecting e-cigarettes as unlikely to help cut down cigarettes or quit smoking without trying them is equally incomprehensible. But the thing that is the most baffling is that as many as 1 in 4 smokers who refuse to try e-cigarettes are concerned about replacing one addiction with another even if they know that their current addiction is killing them. Technically, it’s not replacing one addiction with another but rather changing the existing addiction to a less harmful form. To satisfy their nicotine cravings, smokers are inhaling more than 4,000 chemicals which include nearly 70 known carcinogens. Vapers, on the other hand, inhale only four ingredients: vegetable glycerine (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavour and nicotine.

Photo credit: crazystocker/Shutterstock



Our Vape Club, demographics concerning our subscribers has revealed that the interest for e-cigarettes tends to decline with age as there is a significant drop of subscribers who are aged 45 or more. They account for less than 15% of the total subscribers, with those aged 55 or more accounting for less than 5%.

More research is necessary to determine why this is the case, however, it may not be a coincidence, considering that the older generation are often be less internet savvy and thus rely on information which is published in the traditional media, television and so on – which has for a long time been misguided and in many cases completely wrong.

After a careful analysis of the most commonly cited reasons for refusing to try e-cigarettes among smokers (including those younger than 45 years), we couldn’t find a single sound argument for their reluctance. On the contrary, the results of our own research and that conducted by ASH, PHE and other relevant organisations/institutions reveal that the smokers’ concerns towards e-cigarettes are unfounded, unjustified and in some cases, totally incomprehensible.

Thus it can be concluded that about 96,000 smokers are dying in the UK each year (ASH) just because they are poorly informed, misled by conflicting media reports making them unwilling to even try a less harmful nicotine delivery product.

When concerns over health implications, safety, cost, satisfaction levels and other commonly cited arguments for not trying e-cigarettes are excluded as groundless, smokers are left with no sound reason for their reluctance to make the switch.

Feature image credit: manzrussali/Shutterstock

Eleaf iCare Mini Starter Kit: Vape Overview


Perhaps the most pocket friendly starter kit to hit the market to date, the Eleaf iCare Mini is a perfect starter kit for those new to vaping or even for experienced vapers looking for a convenient and stealthy backup device.

Featuring a 1.3ml built in tank along with a 350mAh battery, the iCare is designed to be closer to a cigarette than larger more popular-styled devices, and manages a remarkably solid battery life as a result.

While this might not sound like a great deal of capacity (probably lasting the average vaper half a day), the iCare can be charged via USB cable, and charges in under an hour. It also comes complete with passthrough capabilities allowing users to vape while it charges.

In the box there’s a USB charging cable, two replacement 1.1 Ohm coils, a warranty card and instruction manual, and the iCare Mini device itself. It’s worth noting that the iCare doesn’t come with a preinstalled coil, so users will have to use one of the two included coils before filling it up for the first time.


The iCare couldn’t be easier to use, as there’s no buttons or switches to contend with. You simply inhale, and the device activates, and when you stop, so does the iCare; it’s been designed with ease of use above everything else. While being predominantly a mouth to lung device, the iCare has a fairly airy draw, and when fully open is closer to what you might find on a tank like a Triton Mini.

The first and most obvious pros are the size and ease of use of the device – this is a serious stealth vape, and also manages to be one of the simplest devices on the market outside of a cigalike or basic eGo kit; simply fill it up, vape, and go!

The convenience offered by the iCare mini is almost unparalleled, as it’s short stature makes it perfect for travelling around with, when compared to the bulk of a box mod that’ll likely weigh your trousers down or make your jacket hang in a curiously lop-sided manner.

The iCare Mini is small enough to carry two or three around with you in the back pocket of a pair of jeans without noticing. This is almost a drawback in and of itself, as the iCare is so small and so light it can be incredibly easy to lose in a pocket!

Even though it’s very easy to use once it’s setup, the iCare can be a little fiddly when it comes to changing a coil or filling the device, but this does come with territory of having a diminutive device.

Also the iCare Mini’s battery life could potentially be an irritation to some, but its fast USB charging quickly offsets this. Even if it’s completely run out of battery, when plugged into a powered USB socket the mod will be up and running again in no time. This will be further helped by the soon to be released PCC charging cradle, which will extend the battery capacity to well over 2000mAh.

The build quality on the device is remarkably good, feeling impressively well made and solid for it’s low weight and low price, and it punches well above its weight and price class; the iCare Mini is indeed a well thought out piece of kit, and a solid device.


If you have any questions about the Eleaf iCare Mini that aren’t covered here, or any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Vaporesso Nalu RDA: Vape Tank Overview


From the creative minds behind the excellent Target Pro Kit, as well as the Guardian and Gemini tanks, the Vaporesso Nalu RDA is the company’s first attempt on an RDA, and a phenomenal result they’ve had with this device. Rather unique with its window and dual-holed posts, the Nalu seems to crafted like no other RDA on the current market.


Measuring 24mm in diameter, the Nalu is compatible with most mods on the current market. It features a double holed velocity-style deck, a design that seems to be becoming increasingly popular among vape manufacturers. Vaporesso’s Nalu RDA comes with two extra drip tips (blue and pink) in the box, as well as a squonky pin for use with squonk mods, along with two coils and a few other goodies. The Nalu itself has a rather distinctive, almost futuristic look with its glass windows on both sides of the tank.

With its appearance quite similar to a mini version of the Geekvape Tsunami 24 RDA Glass (as both devices have glass windows and optional sqounking pins), the Vaporesso Nalu instead has its window constructed of pyrex glass, ensuring no cracking or clouding will happen with use.

The Nalu RDA features an adjustable airflow and can also be used with a single coil, producing great vapour production due to the airflow port being at the bottom of the device.

With a deep juice well and a leak-resistance design, the Nalu gives users the option to drip and refill eLiquid without worrying about leaks, while the drip tip is wide and short making it much easier to drip onto the coils without taking the tank apart. In addition to the short drip tips, the pyrex glass window allows a keen eye to be kept on the cotton and coils, helping the user to prevent dry wicks and burnt cotton.

The build deck is constructed in the popular velocity style, featuring two posts with enlarged double postholes allowing for an easier and more convenient installation of coils. The squonk pin allows the Nalu to be used with mods that have squonking abilities, and this RDA will work perfectly on devices such as the Kangertech Dripbox 60w, as well as its larger 160w cousin.

Disappointingly Vaporesso’s Nalu doesn’t feature a 510 drip tip adapter, meaning users unfortunately wont be able to use their own drip tip. Also the drip tips included with the RDA are very short and quite close to the top cap, so users that vape at high wattages and temperatures, or using complex builds, will need to be mindful of the drip tip, as it will likely get very hot to touch.

The Vaporesso Nalu would be ideal for vapers who suffer from bad habits of letting the coil run dry and getting a dry hit, as the pyrex glass window allows the user to see how much eLiquid is left. The airflow situated under the coils also allows for a decent flow of air as well as great vapour production for those looking for clouds. It’s a great starter RDA for those looking to get into dripping, but wish to avoid a more basic kit such as Kanger’s DripBox 160W.


If you’d like to speak to us about Vaporesso’s Nalu RDA, or any of the other items on our website, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Pacha Mama eLiquid: Vape Overview


Pacha Mama eLiquids are from the mixing minds behind the Charlie’s Chalk Dust range, and are a series of delicious fruit-based vapes, with other additional flavours thrown in the mix.

They all feature a triple blend of different flavours, with some delectable and interesting notes that include Jackfruit and Pitaya, along with a tasty Coconut Cream blend.

Available in a 30ml bottle, the Pacha Mama range is created in a 70%VG blend, meaning its ideal for sub-ohmers, but can also be used in the more basic mouth-to-lung tanks quite easily.


Mango, Pitaya, Pineapple

The Pacha Mama range from Charlie’s features three delicious fruit blends, and this is their exotic Mango, Pitaya, and Pineapple blend.

Pitayas are small, sweet cactus-like fruits, quite similar in appearance o their spiritual cousin, the Dragon Fruit.

The Pitaya’s taste has been described as ‘mild sweetness’, and also being similar to “a melon or kiwi fruit”.

This Pitaya note coupled with the tart Pineapple and exotic Mango allow for a rather unusual yet very palatable mix of fruit flavours.

Lower wattages seem to feature the tropical Pineapple most prominently, with the Mango coming in a close second. Ramp up the wattage however, and an easy blend of all three comes through spectacularly, especially on the exhale.


Strawberry, Guava, Jackfruit


Strawberry, Guava and Jackfruit by Pacha Mama is a delicious mix of all three of the aforementioned fruits, with the unusual Jackfruit adding a unique twist to the flavour experience as a whole.

For the uninitiated, Jackfruits have a sweet and distinctive aroma, and are said to be similar in taste to both the Pineapple and Banana.

The blend of Strawberry and Guava in this eLiquid work excellently together, with the common garden fruit balancing the flavour with the tropical Guava very well indeed.

An even blend of all three flavours can be found most prominently on the exhale, predominantly with sub ohm coils.

Dialling the wattage right down still brings a nice even mix of the flavour notes, but the flavour blend is considerably more muted with lower wattages, than with the higher ones.



Peach, Papaya, Coconut Cream

With another tropical fruit mix, Pacha Mama from the cool cats at Charlie’s Chalk Dust seems to have taken a decisively exotic theme with their new ranges of eLiquids.

Peach, Papaya, and Coconut Cream is, like the others in the Pacha Mama range, a delectable blend of all three titular fruits flavours. Creamy, smooth, and tropical; the name pretty much says it all really.

The deliciously fresh and mild taste of the common Peach is mingled excellently with the exotic Papaya, a tropical fruit that’s steadily becoming increasingly popular the world over for its smooth taste.

Both fruits are then blended with the taste of smooth and milky Coconut Cream, adding the familiar taste of the popular nut-like tree fruit, and forming a deliciously tasty eLiquid that would be firmly at home on a South American beach.

To speak to us about Pacha Mama, or any of our other products, please do get in contact with our team.

Aspire Cleito 120: Vape Tank Overview


The Aspire Cleito tank was an unexpected hit when it was released in early 2016, with Aspire having reinvented their core design and produced an excellent sequel tank with exceptional flavour production and general usability. Aspire have even given the Cleito 120 a new classification, deeming it the “Maxi Watt” Tank.

Allowing for a huge 120W of power to be pumped through its uniquely shaped coils, Aspire have taken the functionality of its predecessor, and given the Cleito 120 a turbocharged makeover.


Quite similar to its predecessor in terms of appearance, the Cleito 120 measures in at 58mm in height, and 25mm in width. Changes that Aspire have made include a wider Delrin drip-tip, larger airflow holes, along with a taller chimney. The top-filling mechanism remains, allowing for easy refilling of eLiquid with minimal spill.

The biggest change Aspire have made though with the Cleito 120 is having its standard coils rated at a very low resistance of 0.16ohm (Ω), which requires at least 100W to use optimally. This means that a high-powered mod will be needed to fire the Cleito 120, so users will need to be prepared to use lots of battery power.

The Cleito 120 tank comes with one of the aforementioned 0.16Ω atomisers pre-installed, along with another spare coil in the box. There’s also a spare replacement glass, as well as a handy vape band, and a warranty card to ensure you’ve received a genuine product.

Although the Cleito 120 is rated at 120watts, Aspire insist that it can handle a much higher amount of power, stating it can easily cope with 160watts and more. While it’s always advisable to set and adjust the wattage in accordance with the characteristics of whichever eLiquid is being used, the Cleito 120 is designed for what Aspire refer to as “Maxi-Watt” vapers who look to use their devices at over 100watts.

The Cleito 120 is a very high-performance tank, and currently with just the one 0.16Ω coil, it’s somewhat limited in its options for anything other than a very full-on vaping experience. Big clouds, big flavours, but at the expense of battery power and eLiquid. This is a device for those looking to push their vape experience to the limits. For those vapers who still enjoy sub-ohming, but prefer a more comfortable 30 – 50 watts; Aspire recommend choosing the original Cleito instead.aspire-cleito-120-tank-parts-uk

If you have any questions about the Aspire Cleito 120 tank, or any of the other products on our site, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Smok TFV8 Baby Beast: Vape Tank Overview


Having recently pushed the boundaries to Rolls-Royce proportions with their TFV8 Cloud Beast, Smok have miniaturised their supercharged V8 Tank with the TFV8 Baby Beast; a smaller and compacted version that still retains the capabilities of ludicrous cloud production, as well as great flavours of course.

While the full size TFV8 has an eJuice capacity of 6ml, The Baby Beast has only half the volume, and can hold only a maximum of 3ml of eLiquid. It’s also a third smaller than its bigger brother, and instead features Smok’s smaller ‘V8 Baby’ coils. The tank comes as standard with a V8-Baby-Q2 0.45ohm (Ω) Dual Core pre-installed, along with a V8-Baby-Q2 0.45ohm (Ω) Dual Core (eight mini coils) in the box.


There’s also optional V8 Baby-X4 Quad Core coils, as well as a Rebuildable RBA deck that are available seperately, and Smok do have plans to release a range of coils for their Baby Beast in the near future. Also included in the box is a spare replacement glass tube for those with butter fingers, and familiar spare parts and bits and pieces, such as vape bands.

Like other tanks in the Taste Furious family, the Baby Beast has a top filling system with an upgraded leak-resistant slot at the top to solve potential leaking issues. Smok have also given the TFV8 Baby a wide bore Delrin drip tip for heat resistance, and large airflow slots, as well as increasing the size of the central chimney allowing for a much cooler and airier vape.

Similar to the TFV8, Smok’s Baby Beast is designed for the flavour and cloud chasers in mind, looking to push their vape experience to the limit. Some vapers may be put off by the 3ml volume, and look to the larger TFV8 for better eLiquid capacity, especially as the both V8’s are confirmed eJuice guzzlers.

They do race through juice like there’s no tomorrow, so those who don’t like to refill often may be put off by the high level of drain. However, it’s compact design allows it to be a mini-powerhouse for the cloud chasers, while still retaining the high performance abilities of its 6ml counterpart, but in a pocket-friendly size.

Disappointingly the RBA section is not included with the Baby Beast like it was with the full size TFV8, but is available as an additional option for those wanting to install prebuilt coils in their tank. It’s an impressive piece of kit, and ideal for those looking for the next stage in clouds and flavours, but users will find that their eJuice will likely disappear a lot faster than with previous Smok tanks.


If you have any queries about the TFV8 Baby Beast, or any of our other products, please get in contact with our team.

Vape Refill Pods And Closed Systems – The Future Of Vaping?


In the wake of the new regulations on the vaping industry, industrious designers are coming up with new and inventive ways to deliver an excellent vape experience, while still maintaining a regulation-friendly level of control and safety.

Instead of the mix and match of different eliquids and vape hardware that we’re used to, this new way of doing things is actually closer to the cigalikes of old. These new devices are based on the idea of having a device and using specific refills for it, streamlining the entire vaping experience to make it both more convenient for seasoned vapers and easier to start for new ones.

While it’s very easy as a vaper to fear this new wave of devices as heralds of the end of the vaping as we know it, it’s important to note that current, open, customisable devices are not going away – these new refill based vapes are simply another approach to the same problem with a common goal: Helping smokers switch to vaping, away from harmful tobacco.

So what can we expect to see from this vape pod revolution? Let’s take a quick look at some of the devices coming out this year:

Cync by Vape Forward

The designers of the excellent VaporFlask, Vape Forward have also decided to get into the vape pod game with their Cync device.

While their Cync e-cigarette (or Advanced Closed Platform) looks very similar in form factor and size to existing devices like the Juul, their main selling point is in the availability of a large range of pods from some of the vape industries more well-known and established eliquid brands, such as Cosmic Fog, Space Jam, Beard Vape Co, Five Pawns, and Cuttwood Sauce. The Cync will be available in a multiple battery sizes, and features two different capacity pods; 1.5ml and 2.5ml

The starter kit will feature a 380mAh battery, along with a 1.5ml pod, and a USB charging cable. With current strengths ranging from 6mg through to 18 and 24mg, and onto 36mg, there will likely be a restriction on the higher strengths in order to comply with the 20mg maximum, in compliance with the Tobacco Product Directive in the European Union.


XOLO’s self-titled all-in-one device is aimed squarely at those who wish to simplify their vaping habits. It’s designed to retain the high performance that we get from the more powerful devices, but in a compact “cigalike” size and form.

The XOLO All in One device incorporates a built in 2000mAh battery along Temperature Control functions, and is perhaps the closest of the new pod based systems to the existing mods that we’ve been used to on the current market in recent years. The user experience is intended to be as simple as possible, with XOLO aiming for the broadest reach that they can in terms of consumer base.

Their idea is that a simple device such as the XOLO could be a more effective tool for converting existing tobacco smokers to vaping, than with a more complicated device. The refills available for the XOLO will have a built in 0.25 ohm coil, as well as 10ml of eLiquid.von-erl-my-vape-refill-system-uk


My. by Von Erl

Known primarily for the Erlkonigen line of high end rebuildable tanks, Austrian engineers Von Erl have brought out the My.

The My is an all-in-one pod based vape, with an additional full stop.

It features a 350mAh battery that can be simply charged via USB, and will contain the effortless and easy to change Liquidpods that many of the other devices also feature.

Their classic Liquidpod has a max nicotine strength of 18mg, and is a classic Tobacco flavour.

It is designed to be a small, easy to use device that is as stealthy, compact, as well as being quite cute in appearance!




MyVapors MyJet by Wismec

Wismec have teamed up with MyVapors to produce the Myjet, which straddles the line between pod based vaping and more customisable styles of vaping. Featuring an eLiquid capacity of 1.2ml, along with a 350mAh battery with a 20watt output, the Myjet is convenient as it is functional.

While it retains the pod system that is common to the rest of the devices here, Wismec decided to sell unfilled pods, allowing the user to use their favourite liquid.

Although there will be pre-filled pods available from some of the vape industries biggest brands including Cuttwood, ANMLMad Hatter, One Hit Wonder, and NKTR, among many others.

The Myjet is set to be available in two different variations; the Express Kit, and the Full Kit, the latter featuring an 18650 battery that functions as a dedicated pocket-sized charger to recharge the device when its not in use.

These new all in one devices will be available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, each tuned to offer a specific sort of experience. Some, such as the Cync made by Vape Forward will focus solely on delivering an experience that is as close to a cigarette as possible, while others such as the XOLO aim to simplify the entire vaping experience while providing a vape that will satisfy those who are already experienced and committed vapers.

Despite the different outputs and form factors, these devices all take the same approach; give people a set and forget type of device that requires no fussing with bottles of liquid or coils for a tank, and provide simple, easy to use cartridges or pods that a person simply needs to insert and vape.

As the year progresses, we expect to see many more of these new wave of devices being released. If you’d like speak to us about Closed System Vapes, or anything else on our site, please do get in contact with our team.

Guide to Temperature Control Vaping


What Is Temperature Control Vaping?

Nobody likes a dry hit. It’s unpleasant, tastes foul, and having to change a coil at an inopportune moment can leave us in a bit of a tizz. Temperature Control aims to combat this by monitoring and limiting the temperature of the coil, and not allowing it to exceed a certain temperature, ensuring dry hits and burnt wicks are a thing of the past. Here’s our brief guide on Temperature Control vaping.

How Does Temperature Control Work?

Temperature Control mode (TC) is becoming more of a standard feature, but isn’t available on every device. If you’re looking to purchase a device to use TC mode, it’s worth checking that the device has this function before buying.

Temperature Control works by allowing the user to pre-set a value in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, with the device limiting and cutting off the power if the temperature exceeds this value.

TC mode allows the coil to remain at a fixed and consistent rate, whether you’re chain vaping volcanic-sized clouds, or doing the more easy going mouth-to-lung method.

If putting in a brand new coil, it must be installed at room temperature, otherwise it will not work, and the mod’s calculations will be incorrect. Also if you’re building your own Temperature Control coils, we do not recommend pulsing them. If you do accidentally pulse them, allow the coils to return to room temperature before using to vape on.

To set up TC for the first time you will need to first ensure sure that your device is TC compatible. Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage (VW/VV) devices will simply not work with Temperature Control coils, and you’ll need to ensure that both your device and coil are TC capable with Variable Temperature (VT).

After this you’ll need to consider the wire type you’re using in your TC coil, usually Nickel (Ni) or Titanium (Ti), or Stainless Steel (SS), and set your mod to the correct type of TC mode, which will be wither Ni, Ti, or SS, depending on the coil.

Once installed, you’re then free to adjust the wattage to your preference, but it’s recommended to use the manufacturer’s recommended wattage for the coil. The idea is that the device will power to your desired wattage, but not over the limits of the TC setting.


Properties Of Nickel, Titanium, & Stainless Steel Wires

The two most common wire types for Temperature Control are Nickel (Ni) and Titanium (Ti). There are other wire types available, including Stainless Steel (SS) but Ni and Ti are the most prevalent on the current market.

Nickel is used in many pre-made coils such as Ni200’s, and are most often rated at 0.15Ω. It has a very high temperature co-efficient, meaning that its resistance doesn’t fluctuate very much when heated, and remains quite stable at high temperatures.

Titanium is relatively new for the vaping market, but is becoming used more and more for TC as it’s much stronger in its construction than Nickel, and has almost double the resistance. This means that less wraps can be used in a wind to achieve the same resistance as with Nickel.

Constructed from a mix of Carbon, Nickel, and Chromium, Stainless Steel (SS) wire has some decent functional properties that allow it to be used with both Variable Wattage as well as Variable Temperature modes. The most common SS wire is 316L; a medical grade metal that’s grown steadily in popularity among vapers for use in TC devices.

While most of the more recent mods on the market have a dedicated setting for SS, some of the older mods don’t have this function, so it’s a good idea to double check before making a purchase.

Compared to Titanium and Nickel, Stainless Steel wire is cheaper, stronger, and is deemed to be a bit easier to work with in terms of building, as it lacks the springy quality that other wire types possess.

Benefits & Drawbacks Of TC Vaping

A major benefit of vaping in Temperature Control modes is dry hits are no longer an issue, due to the more accurate regulation of the TC coils. This also means the atomisers themselves tend to last a bit longer as well.

If the wick becomes dry, the temperature will increase, and the TC mode will immediately protect the coil by cutting off the power. Rewicking Nickel can be a little tricky, as it’s more fragile that Kanthal, and heavy-handedness can cause it to lose its structural integrity, so it’s recommended to be extra careful if rebuilding coils made of Nickel.

Temperature Control can take a little bit of time to get used to, but is relatively easy to pick up and understand after spending a little time on it. We recommend learning which temperature and wattage is the best for maximum output.


If you’d like to talk to us about Temperature Control modes, or anything else featured on our website, please do get in contact with our team.

Aspire Atlantis Evo Vape Tank: Overview


The Atlantis Evo is the new and updated version of Aspire’s Atlantis tank series, having been given a design overhaul, along with a more stylish look. The Evo has a small 2ml capacity of juice to be TPD compliant, although an optional 4ml extension is available. The tank includes a 0.4ohm (Ω) pre-installed Clapton coil, an extra 0.5Ω Clapton coil, replacement Pyrex glass (4ml) with an adapter, and a rubber cuff.aspire-atlantis-evo-tank-uk-l

The Evo is the improved version of its predecessor, the excellent Atlantis V2 tank, however Aspire have also looked to their recent Cleito tank for influence. The 2ml Evo is smaller than the Cleito, but with the optional 4ml Pyrex glass extention, it’s similar in size. The Evo also has a top fill, giving the option to drip or pour your liquid in.

The Evo also now has four spacious airflow holes, allowing for some smooth vaping, although one potential downside is that all airflows will have to be equally open or closed, which may limit fine tuning the airflow.

Aspire have improved the coils by increasing the cotton exposure holes, allowing high VG juice to travel easier to the coil system and having lower wick points.

In addition, Aspire has made the Evo coils with using the Clapton wind so that vapers get the best flavour out of their Evo. Thankfully Aspire have also allowed for backwards compatibility of previous coils for the Aspire Triton and Atlantis tanks, giving a wide variety of available choices to use with the Evo.

The Evo has a unique ‘top hat’ look with its wide drip tip, constructed of heat-resistant Delrin. There’s also an option for the user to replace it with an alternative 510 drip tip for tank personalisation. However, the drip tip on the Evo doesn’t contain a secondary airflow that the Atlantis V2 introduced previously.

Unfortunately for Temperature Control users, the Evo does not come with TC coil as standard, although coils from the Atlantis V2 and Triton tanks can be used.

The Evo offers a range of customisable options, with its two different tank sizes, as well as a range of available coils. Users of the Atlantis V2 and Triton tanks may look to this as a solid upgrade, as it still allows for backwards compatibility with coils from both previous tanks. Cloud chasers will enjoy the Evo’s wide airflow system, although this cannot be personalised as much as some my like, as the airflow has to be equally opened or closed on all sides. Nevertheless, Aspire have put out a solid successor to their Atlantis range, taking inspiration and influence from the excellent Cleito, but remaining a firm successor to the Atlantis and Atlantis V2 tanks.


If you have any questions about the Atlantis Evo or Cleito tanks, or any of the other products on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.